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Member since Mar 24, 2019
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"What you see should take you to what you could see."

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Despite pursuing a career in upstream oil and gas, I'm passionate about art, visual arts in particular. 

Started drawing early in my life, completing my first “real painting” (The Rehearsal) in 1984. I’ve found more time for my painting since taking early retirement in 2018, currently trying hard to build a portfolio.

Also like photography, have a collection of old cameras I’m using.

Live and work in Romania.

I’ve occasionally exhibited at different events in Kazakhstan and Romania.

Sold my first painting early November 2019 at a charity auction!  

I’m influenced by end 19th century – first half 20th century Russian and Romanian artists.

Believe art message shall be accessible to as many groups and backgrounds as possible hence choosing figurativism.

I like exploring light, contrast and composition to attract the viewer and directly convey the intended message.


Nicolae Grigorescu, Ion Andreescu, Iliya Repin, Valentin Serov, Isaac Levitan


2006-2011 MSc Financial Economics London, United Kingdom
2000-2005 BSc Management with Law London, United Kingdom
1981-1986 MSc Petroleum Engineering Ploiesti, Romania

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Tudor Gafton

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Solo Expositions

2020 AAPB Debut Exhibition Bucuresti, Romania

Collective Expositions

2020 The Painting Gallery - Piata Amzei Bucharest, Romania

2020 Lights and Shadows Radauti, Romania

2020 AAPB Salonul de Vara Bucharest, Romania

2020 AAPB Salonul de Primavara Bucharest, Romania