Don Bourret

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Durham, Connecticut, United States

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there are many paintings left that are not on the website as well as many watercolors and a few pastels- no art can be shipped- contact Suzy Storey , Executor of Terry's estate with any questions - 860-659-7518

Susan Storey United States | Oct 12, 2015

for paintings please contact Susan Storey at 860-659-7518

Susan Storey United States | Jul 18, 2015

Une oeuvre fabuleuse ! Une maîtrise totale du geste, des couleurs, de la composition ! Un travail de professionnelle qui suscite le désir d'être votre élève ! Félicitations !

Rev France | Apr 27, 2015

Bravo Terry !!! Un joli par chez vous au Connecticut… De très belles oeuvres appliquées !!!

Tegas France | Apr 23, 2015

It is with great sadness that I let everyone know of the tragic death of artist Terry Oakes Bourret and her husband Don on March 17, 2015- all sales on the website are suspended until further notice- more information regarding sale of her artwork will be posted in the future.

Susan Storey United States | Apr 18, 2015

Terry, I will cherish the memory of my lessons and conversations with you in your studio. Your brilliant light will shine forever in my heart, and in the hearts of everyone who knew and loved you. Rest well, dear lady.

Helene Z. Fenger Moodus Connecticut, United States | Apr 1, 2015

Terry, I so much enjoyed our lessons together and the friendship that grew of from that. You and Don were such kind and caring people. Peace to you, Don and beautiful Henry.

Joan Hinchcliffe Clinton Connecticut, United States | Mar 25, 2015

Terry, I truly enjoyed every moment I spent with you in our art lessons. Your talent and passion for your art was infectious.

Cheryl Salva United States | Mar 25, 2015

Terry, Thanks for all you did for animals through your generous, compassionate spirit and your wonderful artwork. Such a tragic loss for all you touched.

Kathy Hucks New Britain Connecticut, United States | Mar 22, 2015

Terry, Thanks for all you did for animals through your generous, compassionate spirit and your wonderful artwork. Such a tragic loss for all you touched.

Kathy Hucks New Britain Connecticut, United States | Mar 22, 2015

There has never been a more wonderful mentor and teacher than you, dear Terry. I shall cherish the time we spent together as well as the painting of yours which so proudly hangs in my home.

Karen Haabestad United States | Mar 19, 2015

Thanks Terry for teaching me to love painting. Being a good friend to me and my dog Spot. We will miss the visits with you and Don and Henry.

Michael Augeri Rockfall Ct., United States | Mar 19, 2015

très bon travail , belle galerie cela me plait beaucoup

Cathy Rodriguez Castelsarrasin, France | Feb 4, 2014

Une véritable artiste ! Beautiful !

Arnaud Thévenin France | Nov 8, 2013

Hi Terry. I absolutely love your work. I wish I has stayed as a student of yours (20 yrs. ago!!) and I know I would have work as beautiful as yours now!!

Kathy Tirone Mrozowski Rockfall, United States | Aug 31, 2013

Hi Terry, your work is so lovely and you have such talent! Hope you have a great summer. Maybe I will see you in the fall? Take care.....

Chris Dibiasio United States | May 29, 2013

Hello Madame Terry, sono Alberto un pittore emergente della Sicilia. Complimenti per i bei quadri e per la bella affermazione che avete raggiunto. Mi piacerebbe organizzare una mostra insieme qui in sicilia per la festa del mandorlo in fiore ad Agrigento oppure per la sagra dell'agnello pasquale a Favara. Posso pensare io all'organizzazione, al vitto ed alloggio. Con grande ammirazione per la vostra arte, un caloroso saluto dalla Sicilia. Alberto.

Alberto C. Favara, Italy | Oct 16, 2012

Nice talking to you yesterday. Looking forward to meeting you soon. Hope you can find a shred of artistic ability somewhere in this body/mind of mine. :)

Bob Brzustoski United States | Sep 15, 2012

Delightful, colorful, fluid style..Love it.

Nc Whitcher United States | May 2, 2012

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Alex Ukraine | Nov 13, 2011

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Alex Ukraine | Nov 7, 2011

I like Verry much your work. C'est un vrai travail d'aquarelliste. Pour les toiles aussi,ca me plait beaucoup.

Paul Cuyvers France | Oct 13, 2011

Your paintings are amazing. I'm still painting, but haven't exibited in a while. I miss the classes you use to give in your basement. Remember the the long painting of a lantern on an old door.>Mike<

Michael Augeri United States | Aug 4, 2011

So qtazy.. Mmm.. Later

Cheburatoror Afghanistan | May 25, 2011

Love your paintings as always. Congratulations on the books! Deb

Deborah Palmer Tennessee, United States | Jan 29, 2011

Beautiful work!

Kathleen Durham United States | Jan 24, 2011

Thanks for the email. Love your work! Have a great day! Kim

Kim Ellery United States | Nov 19, 2010

Enjoyed the show!!! Keep the faith!!! Stay focused!!!

Bill(Glass)Senzer United States | Oct 18, 2010

Hi Terry, Great website. Hope to see you soon. Best, Lisabeth

Lisabeth Billingsley Clinton Connecticut, United States | Jul 25, 2010

Your talk in East Hampton was great. I regret that I had to leave early. Your paintings on this website are beautiful

Mary Talbot CT, United States | Jun 10, 2010