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Van Gogh (2019)
Acrylic on Canvas (31.5x23.6 in)

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About this artwork
This artwork is part of the gallery Dernières Œuvres.

Artwork Type One of a kind
Techniques Acrylic, Spray paint
Support or surface Canvas
Framing No
Signature Signed by artist on the back
Signed certificate of authenticity
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Painting , Acrylic , Spray paint , Pop Art , Pop Culture / celebrity , Celebrity , People , Portraits , Van Gogh , techniques mixtes , mixed media , street art , urban , aérosol , acrylique , signé , unique , hand signed , art , painting , portrait , toile , canvas , expressionnisme , expressionnism


Oeuvre Unique entièrement peinte à la main.
Techniques mixtes (Acrylique et aérosol)

Unique work entirely painted by hand.
Mixed media (Acrylic and aerosol)
Oeuvre Unique entièrement peinte à la main.
Techniques mixtes (Acrylique et aérosol)

Unique work entirely painted by hand.
Mixed media (Acrylic and aerosol)

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