Sell digital files of your works

What is the sale of digital files?

Customers purchase a user license for a particular purpose (web, media or commercial). They can then download the image file. You then receive your royalties through PAYPAL.

How to activate the service?


What can licenses do?

Each license allows a specific use, with limitations. The detail is available on the section MY ACCOUNT > SALES > DIGITAL FILES.

Who decides on the price of licenses?

We offer recommended prices, you have the opportunity to change these prices and put the prices you want.

How do I get my money?

Once sales are completed, you receive your money through PAYPAL.

Can I receive my money in another way? (transfer, check etc ...)

No, only PAYPAL.

How am I notified in case of sale?

You immediately receive an email notification

Or do I have to load the downloadable images?

You do not need to reload your images. These are the same pictures as those present in your galleries.

What should I do to sell digital files?

Simply activate the service, you have nothing more to do: Artmajeur manages billing and delivery (customers can download images they have purchased directly from their account).

Will my name appear next to the image sold?

Yes, for any use, your name must appear next to the image, or so as to be easily identifiable. This is a basic requirement of our licenses.

Can the customer do what he wants with the images he buys?

No, its use is limited to license restrictions. In addition to that, it is compulsory to respect the work and to do nothing that is likely to clearly affect the work or its author.

Can the customer modify the image he buys?

No. If slight modifications are tolerated to adapt perfectly to the project (reframing, resizing), our licenses expressly proscribe any modification affecting the original work (modification of the colours, deformations, addition of elements etc ..), except on express permission of the author.

What are the contractual commitments of the customer?

By purchasing a user license, the customer also subscribes to a contract that he is required to respect. Failure to comply with his obligations automatically exposes him to prosecution and punishment.

Can a license be revoked?

Yes, if the customer abuses or does not respect the terms of the license, it is contractually revoked, the customer can not then use the image, nor download it on his account Artmajeur.

Need help?

Friendly support staff is available to answer all your questions:

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