Why can't I read the comment or message for which I received a notification or an email?

Content deleted

Sometimes the author of the comment deletes their message before you have time to read it. You can therefore no longer access this content, even if you still have the notification or the email indicating a "new comment received".

Suspended users

When users are flagged or restricted as a result of flagging by members, all messages, comments, and interactions from those members are suspended to protect the community.

  • Comments or messages from these people no longer appear in your mailbox, in your images, or in the Reviews section of your profile.
  • These messages generally contain advertisements, or else scam attempts.
  • When can I read these messages or comments again? If the user is re-admitted to Artmajeur after an investigation, his messages and comments will be reactivated and you will be able to read them. If after investigation the user remains suspended (98% of cases), the messages will never be available.

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