How to protect artworks and images with a watermark?

Add or remove the watermark on your artworks

  2. Click the button ENABLE WATERMARK  (or disable)

How long it takes for the watermark to be added or removed?
Changes to the watermark option on your images may take up to 1 hour to be effective.

Is the watermark available on small images?
No, the watermark is only available on large images. It is not available on the small images of the listing pages (not to penalize the visualization of the works).

Artmajeur watermark will appear on art prints?
No, the Artmajeur watermark is automatically removed when a customer orders an art print with your images.

I did activate the watermark, why some images still have no watermark?
Depending on your browser's cache settings, some images may not refresh immediately and may require clearing the browser cache to see them (while they appear for all other users)

How to activate the watermark on my PRO website?
The watermark appears in the same way on your site and on your Artmajeur profile. However, on your website, only images from Artmajeur galleries are protected by the watermark.

Can I use my own watermark instead of the Artmajeur watermark?
No. In order to maintain a consistent and professional look on the gallery, please use only the Artmajeur watermark.

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