How to get my artworks selected in Artmajeur's featured collections?

Our curator's team selects the best assorted artworks to create collections depending on the themes they are working on. All works on the gallery can potentially be selected to appear in our curator's collection, as long as they are perfectly presented.

Make sure your work is available for sale, perfectly documented and well presented!
  1. Price (artwork must be available for sale)
  2. Title, year, dimensions
  3. Additional views (back of the artwork, detail of the texture, signature)
  4. Description, Categories, Keywords Submit a complete and relevant description

Can I request that my work be added to a collection?
No, only the curators team decide what artwork they want to add to a collection

Do I need to pay to have my artworks selected?
No, this service is free.

What are the criteria to be selected?
The curators select the works they want with no restrictions. We work with multiple curators from very different backgrounds, to ensure all sensibilities are represented. Curators tend to select works that meet the following criteria:

  • Artist's account is well presented, with multiple artworks for sale
  • Artist has a proven record of successful sales
  • Works are perfectly presented, with additional images

Need help?

Friendly support staff is available to answer all your questions:

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