How do I move my images? (reorder artworks)

Important: Image order is only available on galleries
The order you set for works in a gallery is only active when visitors specifically browse that gallery. On the other pages where your works appear (for example the search, the general gallery, the collections of Artmajeur etc...) your works can be sorted according to the date, the relevance of the search or the filters chosen by the visitors (price, size, category etc...), unrelated to the order you have chosen.

To move, sort, and rearrange artwork in your galleries
  1. Go to MY ACCOUNT > WORKS , click on a gallery
  2. Grab the handle icon next to the title of the work with your mouse
  3. Drag the work to the desired location and drop it there, the new order is saved automatically!
Repeat these steps for the other galleries if necessary

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