Color profile, resolution, size and characteristics of images displayed on Artmajeur

Characteristics of images uploaded on the site

  • Image type
    Use only JPEG, JPG or PNG files
  • Color profile
    For optimal rendering, you can load images with the SRGB color profile
  • Image weight
    You can upload images up to 25MB

Image size in pixels
Be sure to upload the largest images possible. An image is considered to be of good quality when its shortest side is greater than 2500 pixels. NEVER artificially increase the size of your images, the quality will be terrible!

Image resolution in DPI (dots per inch)
The resolution in DPI is irrelevant. Simply upload the images in the best possible resolution available.

Image protection
The HD original image file is never displayed to the public. Additionally, you can use our automatic watermarking technology to add a watermark on all your images. You can configure your image protection options on section: My Account > Artworks > Protection.

Images appearing on the gallery

The images uploaded to your gallery are displayed on screens whose configuration may vary significantly.

Why do the images on my gallery appear differently from the original works?
The display of images on your gallery depends on your screen configuration. The configuration of the parameters (contrast, brightness, colors etc.) can affect the rendering of the images. The images also depend a lot on the capture conditions (type of camera, light, etc.).

Why is the resolution of images on the gallery lower than the original resolution?
The original image is never displayed to the public because they are too large and would take too long to load. When you upload original images, the server generates a low resolution image so that it can be displayed to the public on the site: the resolution of the image displayed on your gallery is always lower than your original images as it is optimized for web browsing.

Can Artmajeur modify the gallery so that my images appear closer to the original works?
We can not adapt the color, resolution or compression algorithmes for a given artist. The configuration of the images on Artmajeur is currently optimized to the maximum for the respect of colors and contrast as close as possible to the original works, while maintaining a size adapted to the web. We keep improving the optimization algorithmes to make sure they are the best available.

Can I change or control the way my images appear on different screens?
No, each visitor has a different screen with their specific configuration (mobile phone, computer, tablet, webTV). It is not possible to change the configuration of visitor screens.

Actions required on images

When we detect errors on your images, the errors are notified to you so that you make the necessary corrections and optimize your gallery to provide the best experience to customers. There can be several types of errors:

  • Images has a visible photo flash
  • Image contains a watermark, texts, or any other elements that are not part of the artwork
  • Image is not properly cropped, not perfectly centered, or has a visible frame
  • Image is not an artwork
  • Image has another problem like blur, wrong orientation, poor photo

How can I improve my photos?
Call on a professional photographer to take photos of your works. He will be able to bring out the best of your works!

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