Affiliation Program

Artmajeur offers an affiliation service allowing anyone wishing to promote our services or works for sale to receive remuneration, in the event of a purchase by customers they have brought or recommended.

How much money can I earn by promoting Artmajeur?
When you promote the sale of original works, you earn up to 40% of our commission, which can potentially represent very large sums. You can also earn € 10 every time you reffer a seller who signs up for a Platinum subscription on Artmajeur. 

Who can participate in the affiliation?
Anyone, webmaster, art enthusiast, artist, gallery owner or more generally anyone who has the possibility of finding potential clients for Artmajeur.

How to become a partner?
Register on Artmajeur, and retrieve your sponsor ID on section: "MY ACCOUNT" > "AFFILIATION".

How am I paid?
You will be paid 30 days after the customer's purchase, by PAYPAL.

How can I transmit my referral ID and earn money?
You must bring potential customers to Artmajeur by indicating your Referral ID, or with your affiliate link (the Referral ID will then be automatically associated with their account). When customers order, you earn compensation.

Is it allowed to promote my Referral ID?
The clients you bring in must know you, and be able to identify you as a sponsor. You can use all legal means that allow you to promote your Referral ID to those around you, family, friends, relations or to your own clients. For example, you can include a link to Artmajeur in your newsletter, or on your artist information blog or on your art-related site.

What is not allowed to promote my Referrer ID?
You cannot pretend to be Artmajeur, send unsolicited e-mails (SPAM), or in general, carry out actions that would aim to divert natural traffic from Artmajeur to your affiliate link. For example, you cannot create a site that confuses Artmajeur and redirects to your affiliate link. You cannot create advertisements that impersonate Artmajeur, or more generally which confuse visitors about the author of the advertisement.

Respect the partnership based on trust
Our goal is to work with trustworthy people who respect their commitment and make a respectable promotion of their affiliate link.

IMPORTANTIn the event of unauthorized promotional action, your account may be suspended and all recorded payments may be suspended without any warning.
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