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studio PECHE

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Member since Aug 27, 2018
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studio PECHE is a duet of artists.

Pascal Vaucher de la Croix and Chantal Teano, also a couple in life, offer stylized works, inspired by the fashion world through the creation of imaginary clothing and accessories that dress the subjects.

Several collections and series of artistic images, different subjects and dimensions are realized by the studio.

The collection "portraits of tales" is about characters from classic or mythological tales, legends or poems. The models are imagined in their best outfits, ready to present themselves as fashion models in front of the public of a spooky fashion show.

The creations of studio PECHE are the result of a four-handed work for which different artistic techniques are used. Each work begins in a classic way with researches and pencil sketches that are then scanned, redrawn and worked with vector software. The colors are then put and treated with a software of painting and photographic retouching. This phase is defined as digital painting. But if it is done on a computer, this step is nonetheless a manual work where the mouse and the stylus replace the pencils and brushes of traditional painting. Overlays, inlays and other effects used in the world of digital photography complete the composition.

The works are printed by a sublimation process on aluminum. The result is a subligraphy. This technique gives each image outstanding print accuracy, robustness and an exceptional durability.

The printing of each subligraphie is limited to 20 copies, numbered and signed by the artists.