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Stephen West

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Drawing, Painting, Sculpture ... 23 Followers Member since 2006
Welshpool, United Kingdom
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Recent Paintings 18 artworks

paintings from the 21st Century starting with some made in Mumbai and then a selection of mainly landscape works from Nouvelle Aquitaine France and Montgomeryshire Wales

Recent Drawings 18 artworks

Starting with images made in the landscape of Ash trees started in 2013 and continuing with other landscape and garden drawings up to the present. There is also an ongoing series of 'Meetings', - dinner parties or committee meetings.

Earlier drawings 9 artworks

Earlier drawings with subjects around making sculpture, figures in a loft, pheasants, dogs and other creatures

Recent Stone Sculpture 11 artworks

CArved stone made in 2008 2009 in France and Wales

Drawings from early 21st century 21 artworks

Drawings mainly in charcoal in the 2000 - 2006 period Subjects are animals, current events and artist"s life seen through mythological elements.

Earlier sculpture 9 artworks

stone carvings in sandstone and limestone from the 1990s and early 2000s

Paintings from the 20th Century 8 artworks

paintings made over the years mainly from the 90s usually in egg tempera and some in gouache or other paint media