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Nouvelles Collections à venir - "Synchronity" - Unique ArtWorks

Very soon, my new collection will be available! :)

Here is the approach of this one, it represents for me, a force of realization, but not an end in itself

I wish you could benefit from it in your life, for your fulfillment and help to... "Be" a better you!

Unique work "Infra Storm" will be part of the "Synchronity" collection

xxx Approach xxx

The "Synchronity" or "Synchronicity" collection represents an outcome, an advent, of the interconnection between the different collections.

The research and work carried out for each collection, and as part of Steevens' approach, leads to a constant progression in artistic expression.

This evolution, this constant letting go, allows the photographer's eye to sharpen the mental attitude ever more open to bring about an ideal of expression, but above all answers.

Indeed, the constant work on matter, our environment, our vision, but above all the rendering of a hidden reality, brings the revelation of consciousness.

It is only at the cost of a constant involvement, that after several collections, that the realization of the unique work will be possible.

Each work that will be added to this collection will be a fusion of all the work accomplished. But there will be a consistency in the evolution of each work produced to convey a new message.

Coming from the Greek, "synchronicity" refers to simultaneity, the meeting in time.

As "Jung" explained, when our psyche focuses on an archetype or image representing the external environment, it reflects our concerns to us through events and symbols. So we can use them by facing a significant and creative chance!

Thank you for your reading




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