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Therapy for my memory
Photography (Several sizes available)

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About this artwork
This artwork is part of the gallery Black and white /Photographic work.

Digital Photography

All my works have a photographic base. They are the result of captures made with an analog or digital camera. The subsequent processing (laboratory, manual or software) is only a continuation of the original capture that is always maintained as a basis.

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Other art by Sol Marrades

© by Sol Marrades
Landscape(10) - Photography ©2018 by Sol Marrades - Colors, Rural life, Landscape, Color, horizontal, lanscape.
© by Sol Marrades
Interval Area - Photography ©2019 by Sol Marrades - Architecture, Black and White, Geometric, blanco y negro, arquitectura, intervalos, creativa, siluetas, espacio, ciudad, lugar, Black and White
© by Sol Marrades
About travel and travelers (8) - Photography ©2018 by Sol Marrades - Aerial, Interiors, People, Transportation, Train, Black and White
© by Sol Marrades
Urban simbyosis (1) The future that awaits us - Photography ©2018 by Sol Marrades - Black and White, Cities, Graffiti, Men, People, horizontal, blanco y negro, calle, urbano, ciudad, cotidiano, simbiosis, graffiti, animales, personas, coche, transeuntes, hombre, mujeres, horizontal, black and white, street, urban, city, everyday
© by Sol Marrades
Winter - Photography ©2019 by Sol Marrades - Other, Paper, Water, Black and White, Seasons, lluvia, invierno, agua, sillas, soledad
© by Sol Marrades
Garçon, Montmartre - Photography ©2019 by Sol Marrades - Other, Paper, Black and White, Cities, Food & Drink, Men, Places, vertical, blanco y negro, garcon, montmartre, paris, francia, vintage, mood, Black and White

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