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Échappée belle.jpg - Digital Arts ©2018 by SGS -
Échappée belle.jpg - Digital Arts ©2018 by SGS -

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Échappée belle.jpg
Digital Arts

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Photographie + manipulation numérique. Photographie + manipulation numérique.

Related themes: Digital Arts, Photoshop
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10x15 cm ©2003 by SGS
foret enneigée 09-11-03.jpg - Painting, 10x15 cm ©2003 by SGS - Paper, art, oeuvre unique, petit format, aquarelle, petit prix, noir et blanc
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arbre 07-03.jpg - Painting, 19x24 cm ©2003 by SGS - Paper
30x30x0.5 cm ©2011 by SGS
SGS - 31.05.2011.jpg - Mixed Media, 30x30x0.5 cm ©2011 by SGS - Abstract Art, abstrait, art français, petit format, petit prix, tableau
10x18.7 cm ©2018 by SGS
SGS - 26.09.2018 - Mixed Media, 10x18.7 cm ©2018 by SGS - Abstract Art, peinture, abstrait, petit format, petit prix
30x40x1.5 cm ©2009 by SGS
SGS - 2009 - Painting, 30x40x1.5 cm ©2009 by SGS - Abstract Art, Canvas, art français, Acrylique, oeuvre originale, petit prix, tableau
18.5x27x0.5 cm ©2008 by SGS
SGS - 01/02.2008 - Painting, 18.5x27x0.5 cm ©2008 by SGS - huile, Acrylique, Oeuvre originale, art français, tableau, art abstrait

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