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oh my. world class man ni nga agi uy. I want to purchase pero ganahan ko kanang gi agi-an gyud nimo ba :) Seriously, I need a big painting for my office! Miss you!

Fil Makabenta ca, United States | Aug 11, 2015


Pempe Ybanez Cebu City, Philippines | Aug 14, 2014

Beautiful work ! Very delicate, deep and sensitive paintings : I discover it today, I will come back into your gallery...

Annick Couëdel France | Apr 4, 2014

Great works of art! Congratulations on your success! More power!

Marichelle Cirunay United States | Oct 24, 2012

I do like your work espacially your last six month's! Yes it's really exciting to see how you're going to the main part of your art! thank you

Laporte Laporte France | Nov 16, 2011

Got "Crossing Bridges as We Come To Them" from Renaisance. We cannot wait to install it. Thanks for your artistry and depth Mr Sio Montera.

Nancy Delfino Philippines | Oct 10, 2011

Hi Sio! Very nice artworks! I'll email you with regards of my Interior clients needs of paintings. Need your talent to add color of my interior clients residential.....

Joy Philippines | Feb 7, 2010

Do musta, nagkahait na gyud ka ok kaau imu art works kis2 ko imu kuko do hehehe. Congrats in advance to your upcoming exhibits and good luck.

Ton Philippines | Aug 14, 2009

Nice gallery i really enjoyed your works!

Nikki Toong Philippines | Jan 28, 2009

Hi Dennis, Your creative mind continues to work in overdrive creating such beautiful artworks, a gift given to only a few and YOU. I look forward to seeing you in March, great website also....Top Man and respected. Chris - London UK.

Chris Mason United Kingdom | Jan 24, 2009

Sio, pwerte ha! Ngilngig gyud ka bai. Magpabuhat unya ko ug painting nimo. Seriously, a national artist in the making.

En-En G Philippines | Nov 1, 2008

Hello Sio, Good job. Congrats on your success. -jay-

Jay Yumang United States | Aug 26, 2008

wow!saludo ako... i gotta be there on your next exhibit. as much as i want to check all your works i gotta head out now. i have to prepare some materials for my art class tomorrow:)catch you later Prof.(i begin to like callin you that):)i have a feeling this site is great too. much kudos! be around!

Margo A. Philippines | Apr 24, 2008

Lovely artworks from a creative mind. We added your site to our UP CEBU Alumni blog roll. Good luck!

Up Cebu Philippines | Apr 18, 2008

Your art is beautiful. We love the bright colours. Australian Aboriginal Contemporary Artists Letty scott and Rhubee Neale

Leti Scott Australia | Jan 23, 2008

hi dennis... i still prefer calling u that. howr u? i've watched u from some distance since we were kids. how u'v developed making beautiful visual art pieces jud! some day... when i could afford it, i'll get at least one of ur pieces... i've always been a fan u know, of ur work. keep it up, den! tc. AC

Annochino Philippines | Sep 30, 2007

hi sio, lily here. congrats on your success!

Lily United Kingdom | Sep 10, 2007

great artwork..MOre power to u :)

Ptrdeath Philippines | Aug 21, 2007

C'est magnifique, j'adore, je voudrai les voir en vrai et même les toucher, merci, merci - isis b translation : It is splendid, I adore, I will want to see them in truth and even to touch them, thank you, thank you

Dt Philippines | Jul 22, 2007

eow sir.. pasyal pasyal lang.. Hehehe.. ^_^

Kristina Angela Philippines | Jan 27, 2007

Great artwork. Love your spiral series and raw material series. Very minimalistic, great shapes, colors and forms.Good job! Zoriana

Zoriana Rypan IL, United States | Dec 15, 2006

nindot sio

Donna Castro United States | Dec 13, 2006

Sio my friend... Congratulations for having come up with this! Am proud of you .... sooooo proud, I have an artist friend ( one of a kind) here in UP Cebu. Keep soaring Sio...

Silvana Hermosa Philippines | Dec 12, 2006

Hey Sio! u did a great job! more power to you.

Paul Arenas Philippines | Dec 10, 2006

Ok bai more power to your work! Put pictures of girls next time.

Javy Villacin Philippines | Aug 24, 2006

Estoy muy orgulloso de usted Do! sigue así... (",)

Maureenmonica Philippines | Sep 4, 2006

Painting titled "Familia Ante Omnia" by Sio Montera, Original Art, Acrylic
© Sio Montera
Familia Ante Omnia - Painting, 71.7x143.7x2 in ©2017 by Sio Montera - Abstract, abstract-570

Was hat das A in diesemPalimsest zu tun - in seiner Aufrdinglichkein? - What has the palimpset's got to do in its nlatancy?

Klaus Hoffer Austria | Jun 18, 2018

Painting titled "Obra et Labora" by Sio Montera, Original Art, Oil
©2013 Sio Montera
Obra et Labora - Painting, 12.2x78.7 in ©2013 by Sio Montera - Expressionism, expressionism-591

can i have some information about this art work? we picked your art work as one of the art form we need to discuss about but I can't get any information about it and I know you are the only one who can help our group hoping for your reply thank you.

Jeus Anne Alcantara Philippines | Jan 23, 2018

Painting titled "Moments of Blissful…" by Sio Montera, Original Art, Acrylic
© Sio Montera
Moments of Blissful Insanity No.5 - Painting, 31.5x15.8x2 in ©2017 by Sio Montera - Abstract, abstract-570

Ein gelungenes Kunstwerk dessen Großartige Ausstrahlung mich Begeistert Bravo Sio!

N.A. Dietzen Germany | Nov 15, 2017

Painting titled "Fortress of Isolati…" by Sio Montera, Original Art, Acrylic
© Sio Montera
Fortress of Isolation - Painting, 48x48x2 in ©2017 by Sio Montera - Abstract, abstract-570

Une galerie fort intéressante, haute en couleurs.

Yves Frémin Plouézec, France | Sep 18, 2017