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I was born on the 13th of August 1958 in Rijeka (Croatia). I have lived there my first 33 years. Since I was a kid I had a dream to become an artist (painter) but my family disagreed so I never attended the Academy of art.
Because of that my approach to the world of art was much harder and full of obstacles but I never gave up and always found ways to paint or create.
As a self-taught painter I had a hard time learning various artistic techniques and skills necessary to create artistic works and express myself.
In 1996 I discover vitrage - painting on glass (similar to Tiffany stained-glass technique but no glass cutting involved) and fell in love with it. As defined by online dictionary vitrage is: "A curtain of light and translucent material intended to be secured directly to the woodwork of a French casement window or a glazed door."
Translucency and charm of this "curtain of light" is what made me fall in love with glass painting.
The Lithuanian painter Albinas Elskus claimed that:”…the painting on glass is an intriguing and fascinating technique that can add a whole new personal dimension to an artist’s work.” I fully agree,but there is something even more intriguing about paintings that instead of a thick, and opaque canvas as a background have translucent glass. When light hits paintings painted on glass they get extended into our space in the form of a colored hologram. The viewer can merge with a painting, become one with it: enter another dimension...
When in 2009 I, finally enrolled Fine Arts at York University of Toronto I was able to incredibly widen my knowledge of techniques, materials and added multiple different layers of meaning to my art.
I was awarded many times during my studies, and this certainly added value to my artistic resume but to me the whole experience of studying at my age and being able to do what I always desired to do was the greatest reward.
Now I know that not only glass has a potential to create another dimension and create physical and emotional union with a viewer. Now I know that every and each medium is apt to do this. So welcome to the dimensions that I am exploring, discovering and wholeheartedly willing to share with you.