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Digital Arts, artwork by Seshadri
©2009 Seshadri
Evening Glory-2 - Digital Arts ©2009 by Seshadri - Landscape done in contemporary style. It is painted in acrylic on hard pressed Bristol paper. 14x17in (35x43cms

Beautiful expressive..Stunning bright colors of art..!

Saho Ukraine | Nov 18, 2020

Digital Arts, acrylic, abstract, artwork by Seshadri
©2018 Seshadri
Indestructible Earth-10 - Digital Arts ©2018 by Seshadri - Abstract, abstract-570, Landscape, abstract, paper, acrylic, oil, watercolours, expressionism, landscape, colourist

Kudos!!!! luv~

Jmsbell Georgia, United States | Oct 20, 2020

Digital Arts, artwork by Seshadri
©2007 Seshadri
Still Life - Digital Arts ©2007 by Seshadri -

Une collection hors norme et très éclectique

Alain Grisel France | May 8, 2019

Digital Arts, artwork by Seshadri
© Seshadri
Sunset Glory - Digital Arts ©2016 by Seshadri - Landscape, Landscape, modern, contemporary, sunset, sunrise, mixed media, print, colourist, expressionism, impressionism, abstract

very beauty

Saho Ukraine | Apr 9, 2019

Digital Arts, acrylic, abstract, artwork by Seshadri
©2018 Seshadri
Indestructible Earth-10 - Digital Arts ©2018 by Seshadri - Abstract, abstract-570, Landscape, abstract, paper, acrylic, oil, watercolours, expressionism, landscape, colourist

what the colors beauty

Saho Ukraine | Apr 9, 2019

Un beau graphisme et de très belles couleurs ;c'est vraiment magnifique , rien que pour le plaisir des yeux .

Alain Grisel France | Mar 12, 2018

You have your Brush, You have your Colours, You Paint Paradise then in you go. Salute to you Sir.

dashpranati1990 India | Mar 25, 2016

Belles compositions de couleurs qui font du bien aux yeux!

Veronique Naffetat France | Jun 14, 2014

I must complete my commentaries on 2 of your paintings: indeed, I'm fond of ALL your 2014 landscapes : they're really great ! and I also like your abstract "The Earth is Flat". Congratulations again !

Annick Couëdel France | Apr 5, 2014

Modern Landscape painting is a very nice and interesting work for eyes !! Thanks :-)

Koki Chaussin, France | Mar 22, 2014


K S India | Mar 15, 2013

Seshu is my classmate and dorm roommate. I'm so proud of his accomplishments! He' been an inspiration to many of us!! May his art flourish.

Ken Gauthaman United States | Sep 9, 2012

Beautiful colors, flowing movements. I don't want to attempt more just feels good looking at your work. Whatever is inspiring you it has to be happy! Aban

Aban United States | Aug 20, 2012

I found your work today on the main page. Your work is fantastic. I love the way you use paint and color. It is beautiful.

Monica Engeler | Jan 19, 2011

Seshadri, You are a fabulous artist and will go a long ways with your art. There isn't a piece I haven't liked. You have a wonderful style and an amazing ability in all the mediums I have viewed. I love your philosophy and your approach towards art. Some day I will purchase one of your pieces to adorn a prestigious place in my home.

Michelle Leboeuf United States | Dec 21, 2010

The Indian/Brazilian fusion art is a beauty. Very well captured and if one observes it carefully you have picked up the Brazilian and Indian flag color with chakra in the center. I will send the link to my brazilian friends.

Balaji | Oct 16, 2010

Hello, Amazing list of art work!Kudos! Regards, Chalam

Chalam Male', Maldives | Sep 10, 2010

Your paintings are beautiful, thank you very much for your comments on my profile in Artslant. I dont have words to explain your work

Lokeswara Rao Bangalore,, India | Jun 13, 2010

I like your Art, very positive!!!! Wonderful! Thank you very much!!! Olga Sankt-Petersburg/ RUSSIA

Olga Russia | Apr 2, 2010

Hi Seshadri, The canvas you made from the Conflict Resolution is hanging wonderfully in my office; people like it as much as I do! I fell in love with it the moment I saw it, and I'm very proud to have this copy! May it bring a lot of resolutions!! Keep up the good work and good luck for the contest!!! Your Dutch friend Yvonne

Yvonne Floor Netherlands | Nov 3, 2009


Yildirim Yıldırım Turkey | Oct 21, 2009

Great Art Work!

Renuka Pillai Lake Forest CA, United States | Oct 7, 2009

very thought provoking,colourful,cotemporary.

Col India | Oct 2, 2009

More Power to you Mr. S !!!

Linda Rufo United States | Sep 9, 2009

Great vibrant works, Keep it up Best Wishes Shuchi Krishan

Shuchi Krishan India | Jul 10, 2009

I liked, nice paintings group

Anand Bashir Brazil | Apr 24, 2009

I like your works very much! Thank you for your art.Oksana Veber

Oksana Veber United Kingdom | Feb 19, 2009


Bicen Turkey | Feb 14, 2009

Hi Mr Hadri. Hello from the Turkey.I saw your pictures. Kazim Bicen Thn Group

Bicen Turkey | Feb 14, 2009

Congratulations mr. Seshadri with my best regards Mouna WAREA 60 RUE ALBERT 75013 PARIS FRANCE

Mouna Warea France | Jan 12, 2009