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i very much like .your encouraging colourful paintings wish you a great success. hi, p.

Maria Nonnenbroich Germany | Jul 17, 2013

i very much like .your encouraging colourful paintings wish you a great success. hi, p.

Maria Nonnenbroich Germany | Jul 17, 2013

Nice to view your pictures on my couch with a dear friend of yours...

Saskia | May 18, 2012

hi! i love your amazing works and agree to your international academy. I'll do yhe biennale of Florence, perhaps, if i find sponsors ans i'll see you? Greetings

Jean-Louis Gaillard UCHAUD, France | Oct 31, 2010

Bonjour, J'aime la force et la profondeur de vos toiles Merci

Catb France | Sep 12, 2010

Hi Sergej, I am very imprest by your work.The beautiful colours, the strong brush movement, al together good art. Al the best, Tsvi

Tsvi Nadav Rosler Israel | Mar 15, 2010

Im happy you shine up the city with your beautifuls arts! /Katarina

Katarina Sweden | Jul 22, 2009

Hello, Sergej Jakovlev! I like your art works. You are a good artist. Your colors and forms are perfects and yonderfull. Congratulations. Angelina

Angelina Martinho Almada, Portugal | Apr 9, 2009

Your paintings are very great.. you are nothing short of marvellous! Sorry my earlier comment missed some crucial final words! With all my love for you and your incredible art - you reach places that other people cannot reach!!

Prue United Kingdom | Sep 1, 2008

your paintings are very great.. you are nothing..

Prue United Kingdom | Jul 31, 2008

Liked the Red butterflies and Hope, the use of colours is awsome and the application is very smart. I think there is a lot to learn from you....

Rajesh Jhankal India | Jun 10, 2008

Здравствуйте, Сергей! Мне очень понравились Ваши работы, особенно пейзажи. В них чувсвуется настроение и этюдная сочность. Я сама люблю ходить на пленер. Сейчас учусь в Днепропетр. худ. колледже на 4 курсе живописи. Мне было бы очень интересно узнать Ваше мнение о моих работах. Можно ли отправить Вам фото своих работ? С уважением, Людмила (племянница Сергея Глущенко).

Виктория Ukraine | Feb 9, 2008

Здравствуйте, Сергей! Вам пишет сестра Вашего друга Глущенко Сергея. Вы его помните? А меня? Вам Сергей передает огромный привет. Если есть возможность, можете ему позвонить по тел.:(380)98 433 92 32. Пишите. С уважением, Виктория Иванова (Глущенко).

Виктория Ukraine | Feb 6, 2008

You make light shine brighter.

Francois Ziffer Canada | Jan 1, 2008

Bonjour du Québec... J'aime la façon dont vous traiter le corps humains...Super travail...Bonne continuité. Merci pour vos belles oeuvres. Solle Martineau

Solle Martineau Brownsburg/Chatham(Cushing), Canada | Jul 11, 2007

I like your works Sergej Thank you for that

Binlamin Liechtenstein | Nov 28, 2006

Hi Sergej JacovlevI visited your site in Artmajeur today and I was very pleased with looking at your excellent art works. Your personal homepage is very good, even I need to see your paintings enlarged. I like your way of expsressive paintingsand I enjoy the colours and the motifs.You have very good feelings for art thatconfirm positive pover to live a good and happy life.I wish you all the best in future.Welcome to visit my site in Artmajeur and the guestbook.My personal homepage:www.dancivagallery.dkBest wishes fromDan Civa, Danish painter

Dan Civa Germany | Jan 10, 2004

That is great great work.I need to buy from you one of these days.Jhon-

Jhon | Feb 10, 2004

SergejExcellent work, the impressions are powerful and full of imaginationBob

Robert D United States | Dec 15, 2004

Hej Sergej.Very nice paintings. Very strong and emotionel - I like regards Anne Sofie Binder

Anne Sofie Germany | Dec 24, 2004

The deep phiolosofy is expressed by elegant and beautiful way. The world is significant and simply at the same time. These pictures inspirate and remind that this world was created for love.

Kate Kriseva Krivoy Rog, Ukraine | Jan 18, 2005

Dear Sergej, I love your art, very beautiful and inspiring.

Erato Greece | May 6, 2005

Очень понравилось Ваше исскуство. Смотрел долго и с удовольствием.

Oleg Yazykov Russia | Jun 28, 2005

Hi,absolutely beautiful work....and have liked your work wishes......Moin

Moin Panama | Oct 26, 2005

Hello Sergej!Great art work and great web page! Greetings from Germany Michael

Sachsart Annaberg, Germany | Nov 22, 2005

Hello,very nice contemporary artworks.Congradulation! best regards, Ljiljana Lazicic-Putnik,MD Pula/CroatiaPS.Painting is my hobby.I am a member of Avisen-avk art gallery

Ljiljana Lazicic-Putnik Croatia | Nov 30, 2005

Hello,I am from Croatia,not Papua New Guinea!

Ljiljana Lazicic-Putnik Croatia | Dec 7, 2005

Greeting Sergej! I admire your paintings very much. I live in Lidköping Sweden and occassionally comme down to Gothenburg. I'd like to learn more about your artists society. Please write to me with more info.

Mom R Jonsson Sweden | Dec 8, 2005

Nice site ;)

Andy Albania | Jan 18, 2006

I'm not from Papua New Guinea:-)i don't have a website - i don't even have an address -BUT i enjoy your work very much - especiallypage one of recent work.Danae... beautiful - just keep on doing what you are doing - this is einsteinisation

Astrid Panama | Feb 4, 2006