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strepitosa Sara!!!!!

Stefano Orzes Italy | May 28, 2008

Bravo, Sarah I love your works too. and thank you foryour message.

Mendelart Müllheim, Germany | May 12, 2008

It's fucking great!

Georg óskar | Mar 27, 2008

un beau travail qui s'épanouit pleinement par son graphisme et sa nervosité. J'accroche particulièrement avec "mental, comics book" et "graphic stories". thanks and good luck for continuation !

Florent Prudent Saint-Jean-De-Vaux, France | Mar 18, 2008

all times i watch for y art contacte me plz in msn or mobile

Mohamed Senouci In The Art_jazz Tighennif Palikao, Algeria | Feb 26, 2008

Grazie Sara ;) tanti complimenti anche a te le tue opere sono davvero interessanti! continua così!

Silvia Bolognini Bologna, Italy | Feb 25, 2008

hi sara nice to meet you i see your art u have style nice i like your mouvement iam simple man i have 25years i need know your life . i like know you my mobile 0021375136686

Senouci Mohamed Albania | Jan 24, 2008

Sara, I love the movement in your work. I can see that you're very familiar with what you're doing because you're doing you.

Chris Bolmeier United States | Dec 30, 2007

Just passing by, your stuff looks awesome.

Monty United States | Oct 21, 2007

Hola Sara: Me han encantado todas tu obras, por su color, imaginacion y sensibilidad.¡Enhorabuena! Un saludo Gustavo Lopez-Cobo Madrid, España

Gustavo Lòpez-Cobo Madrid, Spain | Jul 19, 2007

No puedo dejar de decir lo que siento al ver tus trabajos : admiro tu autenticidad y expresión, realmente, te felicito por tu increible y fascinante producción. Cariños de Cristina

Cristina Vidal Luján, Argentina | May 3, 2007

Thank you..your work is great aswell..

Nico Macciocca | Apr 17, 2007

beautifull and intresting art

Proenings Niger | Feb 27, 2007

Hi Sara, I really loved seeing your art. And, it inspired me with a few ideas of my own to try. Keep up the good goings.

Dan Buck Armour SD, United States | Feb 24, 2007

Sara,I love this painting (rainfall on private sadsack) "Private Benjamin" is one of my favorite movies. I wish I had $650 to buy it - hopefully I can come up with it before someone else snags it. I know you from Zoetrope and I live on the central coast as well - in Los Osos.Keep up the good work. Talk to ya later,Leslie

Leslie M Panama | Aug 25, 2005

slm ben Alp raslantı eseri senin siteni buldum resimler değişik ve farklı fotoğrafcılık yaptım msn adrasimi eklersen daha detaylı konusabiliriz

Blacksea Panama | Oct 22, 2005

Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful space! Your work is absolutely amazing - so strong and so immediate. You have a rare talent, my friend.

Haze United States | Oct 24, 2005

I really love your work you are very talented. I am saving your site as one of my favorites. Mary Hendrix

Mary Hendrix United States | Oct 27, 2005

I absolutely love the painting of Albert Einstein. It's wonderful how his face has a variety of colors and yet his hair is still white. I love it!

Pamela Engebretsen United States | Oct 27, 2005

Your artwork is fantastic!

Rebecca Embry Panama | Oct 27, 2005

I really loved viewing your work. You had great usage of color and I enjoyed how you put your own spin on the faces instead of making it look so portrait like. It was a pleasure. Thanks for sharing your talent!!

Lyndsey France | Oct 27, 2005

The facial expressions of your subjects are impressive. We are a radio station, but finding excellent art is always a breath of fresh air. Keep pursuing your fine talent.

Kbhu Fm Panama | Oct 27, 2005

Hi, Sara this was the very first blog that I have read. I am 33 and I have always been creative in someway, but my new found love is folk art. I feel your pain about the cost of supplies. Your art is very real and very good. I hope that you can sell more art then you could ever paint!

Jabrina | Oct 28, 2005

Sara, just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoy viewing your art work. The abstract pieces are awesome and would love them as art for home.

Amy United States | Oct 28, 2005

Like your work understand the frustation on selling paintings and being broke just not that wishes to you

Larry Panama | Oct 28, 2005

As a fellow artist with a balding tire with the metal showing through, I sing your praises. I predict that soon your work will be flying off the wall and onto someone else's. Some say they feel your pain.....I feel your love. Endure.....

John Wolf United States | Oct 28, 2005

Thanks for replying to my email! It meant so much to me. I see alot of paintings I like and will let you know later! Aubrey

Aubrey United States | Oct 30, 2005

I m very happy to see you job and Im senegalese man i Want to share my experience with you and maybe to organize an exposition with you

The_bantu Thies, Senegal | Dec 23, 2005

Nice site ;)

Andy Albania | Jan 18, 2006

You are simply a great artist!

Anonymous | Feb 15, 2006