Sara Holt

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Nipomo, CA, United States

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Press release

Sara Holt paints timeless art using her fingers, toothpicks, pens, crayons and any other medium she can get her hands on.

She’s set to appear as the Featured Director on the Independent Film Channel show, Media Lab Shorts Uploaded in Dec. 2006, she just won a Silver for Art 2006 W3 Award, her art is being used as set dressing for the upcoming Discovery Channel show, “It’s All Geek To Me”, she’s been part of several group shows, had her work published internationally, been featured on MSN, and continues to have a powerful online presence.

Her work is available online at , , Albus Cavus Gallery Store. saraholt

New News.....I'm going to be the Featured Director on an episode of the new IFC Channel show, Media Lab Shorts Uploaded, Dec. 4th 8:30est/5:30pst...theyll be playing sections from my art films.

The following works are no longer available. I'll update them in time, but it will take a, I've listed them here.

1. Cosmic Coffee

2. Abstract Ideas

3. Patchwork Life

4. Upscale Grafitti

5. Winter Weather

6. Promises of Sensuality

7. The Huckabees Connection

8. Sunset in Saracity

9. ghetto voices

10. Lifelines

11. Desert Shade

12. Prescribes Reality

13. The Weather Inside

14. Speakin' My Language

15. The Greasy Yum

16. Jazz Therapy

17. When the World Doesn't Fit

18. Dear You, Love Me

19. Madness Blue

20. The Clown

21. Check Out time

22. When the Music Takes Over

23. The Mother

24. Feeding the Monkey

25. Shady Blue

26. Handle with Care

27. Untouched

28. Post Concert Conversation

29. Ziggy Warhol



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