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Added Jul 6, 2021
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Sahar Hasan is an artist from Yemen, living in New York. She has been involved in art since an early age, but her professional start in art career started when she took a diploma in art in Yemen in 2013. And currently, she is taking an MFA in Brooklyn College, New York.

Sahar has  participated in many group art galleries and solo shows and received some awards in various art competitions.  Last award was “Special Merit Award”, “All Women Art Exhibition” – January 2020 ,  Light Space Time, NY.

Sahar also taught art, coordinated art events and evaluated art works for two art competitions in Yemen. She masters different mediums and techniques, but she often uses oil paints with some additions of acrylic paints, colored glasses and traditional fabrics.

Most of her works show a harmonious combination of both realism and abstraction. Her preferred subject matters are mostly horses and figures, paying more attention to a realistic description of the eyes which are a substantial element in most of her paintings. She also likes to portrait people wearing traditional fabrics using her art to tell their interesting stories. 

Sahar added an interaction of both texts and traditional patterns in some of her recent works combining her love for both drawing and handwriting and striving to manifest the knowledge and beauty of the Arabic calligraphy, Yemen architecture and ancient cultures. This energetic application of a combination of colors, patterns and letters ties it all together presenting the story behind the painting as well as keeping a sense of vagueness to be interpreted by the viewer’s imagination.

Sahar’s ultimate dream is to be able to spread more love and beauty through her art. She believes art is the first step to freedom and self empowerment specially for women.