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Without Art, life is unbearable. Art = Love.

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I have been graduated from Pittsburgh State University, USA.  majoring in Building Design & Construction Engineering and minoring in Art (Painting & Sculpture). I believe Painting and Sculpture speak for itself so no explanations are required. I like to do all kinds of techniques mostly I use (NANO) for my oil, watercolor, acrylic paintings, and also for sculptures. sometimes I make my sculpture with waste materials like plastics because that is the only way to get rid of those waste materials which is destructive consequences of the Earth, plastics will not decompose in our environment so we can recycle it to make Sculpture, Furniture, Modeling and so on. Sometimes I do my sculpture with clay or plaster.
All original paintings and sculptures are for sale and the prices are negotiable.
Welcome to my shop... thank you for stopping by and looking at my artwork.
I hope you enjoy what you see.
Kind regards.
Shahriar Aghakhani.


Vincent van Gogh, Hokusai, Jackson Pollock


1976-1980 Building Design & Construction Engineering Pittsburg, Kansas, United States
Shahriar Aghakhani

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