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Rubirosa - painter, born in Belgrade 1968. Studied at a private art school in Italy. Rubirosa lives and works in Belgrade. Since his first solo exhibition in 1992, Rubirosa has had over a dozen successful art exhibitions around the region.

Like a medium, Rubirosa channels his spirit onto the canvas, by striking a gestural style of movement, characterized with energetic brush strokes and multiple layered configurations. Experimenting with a myriad of mediums reveals a variety of unpredictable effects and greater textural variety.

His artistic style is a confluence of different influences, but mostly belongs to the domain of abstractionism and abstract expressionism. Rubirosa tries to go one step further by calling his style Hyperabstractionism.

His techniques combine acrylic and oil on canvas with elements of encaustic painting - this way paintings are long lasting and well preserved for almost 1000 years.