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Angel Wings 9 (2019)
Digital Arts (12x16 in)

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About this artwork
This artwork is part of the gallery Angel Wings series.

Artwork Type
Limited Edition (#10/10)
Number of copies: 10 | Number of artist proofs: 1
2D Digital Work, Photo Montage
Support or surface
Signed by artist on the back
Signed certificate of authenticity
Numbered by hand

Angel Wings 9 depicts a gorgeous butterfly with rich purple wings, and set against a background in gold, portraying wisdom, high ideals and enlightenment. The composition as a whole exudes splendour.

The butterfly is from Costa Rica, and it is related to the famous blue Morphos.

Giclée printing on Museum Heritage paper w/ 2 cm border.

Limited edition

This artwork is part of the Angel Wings series Gallery

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