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Living near Dinan in Brittany , it is after more than 15 years of oil painting, then a 3-year-stop that has actually been creatively
"regenerative" I had the revelation of ink and water, bringing me first of all , because of its difficulty, to participate in two workshops with Robert Faure on the theme of plum blossoms in sumi-e style ... discovery of a new material , paper very absorbent rice , long brushes that we slowly get friend with, for fine lines or thick, sharp point or disheveled tuft, the possibilities are endless in the gathering of ink and water, from the deepest dark to the lighter gray , shades and subtle effects , concentrated line juxtaposed to dilute and diffuse touches ...

It is now under the guidance of Henry Xiaohui Li, Chinese master living in California that I continue my path, from discovery to marvel with Chinese watercolor often associated with the ink. His talent as an artist and his caring and efficient pedagogy associated with his knowledge of Traditional Chinese painting through the ages provide as much opportunity for my artistic soul to flourish ...

Though I feel a natural attraction to 'Xieyi ' style more evocative and spontaneous than very meticulous 'gongbi' style, yet both styles are complementary in the study of a subject, which is why you may also find some gongbi paintings in my practice ( including copies of masters ) .

Please see in the section 'Actualit├ęs' (which I will update regularly) for more details on my Chinese painting teacher, some articles about painting and sumi-e and various internet document that I want to share on this site ...
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