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Digital Arts titled "a-preview-1.jpg" by Robin Mols, Original Art,
© Robin Mols
a-preview-1.jpg - Digital Arts ©2013 by Robin Mols -

Nice art!

Vira Chernetska Ukraine | Jun 5, 2021

Digital Arts titled "detils.jpg" by Robin Mols, Original Art,
© Robin Mols
detils.jpg - Digital Arts ©2013 by Robin Mols -

very beautiful Robin! kind regards to USA

Gor Don(Gnie) Germany | Jan 21, 2021

Hi Robin, Its very nice to know you, your wisdom is depicted very well in all your creations. You thoughts are simply deep, original and pure. It was a wonderful experince to know you, Meeting with you on Niagra falls trip is just like icing on the cake, makes my trip unforgetable. carry on...

lalit-vicky North Carolina, United States | Jun 13, 2017

I'm happy to see you are still creating such fabulous work. I had met you years ago in Aspen when you were associated with the Folkslure Gallery, in fact you had created their signage. My first awareness of you came when I first saw the mural you had created in the 'Gallery' nightclub, for Frank Woods. It was awesome, as is your recent work as well. Best wishes to you!

Michael Littrell Colorado, United States | Apr 19, 2016

Hello "Robin"..I visited with George in April 2014 in San Francisco and had a wonderful time remembering "when". I had been in contact with Susan Metzler(Slotnik) who put me in touch with George. It was great to hug him and to fill in the blanks of our lives. He has a handsome son, daughter-in-law and two adorable granddaughters. So we are now 68 and New Paltz is far behind us. Your paintings are beautiful, but all of us knew that you were the "real" artist among us and would create amazing paintings. When I graduated, I got married too soon, traveled to India, divorced and then I married the father of my children. I loved teaching art and am happily retired and living now in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania with my 3rd, yes 3rd husband of 15 years. I have an amazing son in NYC and a beautiful daughter living now in Lone Tree, Colorado. She is not a skier though. I often wonder how all of our paths would have been different. It was a crazy time at New Paltz and our generation is the result. The internet has made it possible to reconnect or disconnect once again. Be well. Phyllis

Phyllis Doherty Harrisburg Pennsylvania, United States | Jun 11, 2015

Hello , very good work , i like ++++ , wonderful . best wishes for 2014

Lebreton-Hays France | Mar 7, 2014

Hello Robin you probably dont remember me, I came across some slides and letters that were my mom's and it made me nostalgic. Glad to see you're doing well .Would love to view your work in person hope you have a show in the area soon fondly anne

Anne Gazzara Mother Mary Gazzara Kerhonkson New York, United States | Dec 28, 2013

Send me messages

Brooke Hamlin San Rafael California, United States | Sep 12, 2013

Hello Robin, Nice Work!

Kirk Alexander TX, United States | Jul 9, 2012

So krazy Oh.. After

Cheburatoror Afghanistan | May 25, 2011

What do you think about WIKILEAKS? Hih you hear me??

Lorencomug Afghanistan | Dec 23, 2010


Stefan Dag co, United States | Jul 26, 2010

All of them are wonderful....Congratulations...

Yildirim Yıldırım Turkey | Oct 10, 2009

Robin, a pleasure to meet and speak with you at the recent benefit in Buffalo. I find your work understandable and very strong. I can relate to its execution. Do you happen to know where i could find a mannequin?---So Long ,jeff

Jeffrey Vincent United States | Jun 28, 2009

Great new work. Inspired by your California trip?

Mary Siedman United States | Jun 25, 2009

Great work !!! Thanx for sharing.

Rawkid | Apr 6, 2009

Ciamar a tha sibh, lad?

Domhnall United States | Mar 24, 2009

NICE.....see you @ Artspace!

Sharon Gleason United States | Mar 1, 2009

nothing against Afghanistan, but we're from Buffalo

Marty Barron, Afghanistan | Jan 24, 2009

good to see Cecelia and you at the Burchfield last night. We have to get together somehow.

Marty Barron, Afghanistan | Jan 24, 2009

Robin, I love yours artworks. I'll wish to paint like you!!! It's a nice web site. BRAVO Marc

Marc France | May 5, 2008

Robin, I passed your site on to an aspiring artist I met at the paddock golf dome. She works in the grille. god bless and I'll keep ya in the music loop! bernie

Bernie Stevens United States | Feb 29, 2008

Hello, you were just in my office signing some paperwork for me to get back to New York for you when your agent there gave me this site. You are an awesome artist. I am going to share this site with my family and friends. Look forward to seeing more of your work.

Kristin Lebourdais United States | Jan 16, 2008

Who maintains your site?

Jeffrey Biehler NY, United States | Oct 1, 2007

GREAT work,as always. I'm fortunate to have the "Aspen" pastels!

Becky Barabe United States | Feb 16, 2007

how are you doing your new work looks great your friend and pal Bill

Bill Robertson Canada | Jan 5, 2007

nice site

Victor India | Dec 16, 2006

Been looking at your work and have to say it really is excellent. I wish you every success with your work.

Kim Molinero Portugal | Dec 11, 2006

Hello Robin, I have just bookmark your site in my favorites. Opening it brings me some rest my too industrial world. Thank you for these needed or required escapes. Xavier.

Xavier France | Dec 1, 2006

Very nice gallery~ indeed! Stop and visit mine at your leisure~ Genevieve

Genevieve | Nov 24, 2006