Rob DeBartolo

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Essex, Connecticut, United States

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We really miss seeing u at the gallery. What are you up to???

Eric Hedberg Connecticut, United States | Jul 28, 2016

Hi, my mom Phyliss told me to check out your art work. Glad I did, btw I totally love John and Jenny, two of my favorite ppl.

Paula Farris McConnell Englewood Colorado, United States | Mar 3, 2015

live next door to a friend of yours from Conn., Terry Young. Loved browsing your website. Beautiful works of art!!

peggy kellar United States | Jun 6, 2013

Bravo! Lovely website!

Carol Lorac Young CT, United States | May 2, 2013

Bonjour, j'aime beaucoup votre jeu de couleurs dans vos pastels, bravo!

Murielle Léger France | Mar 13, 2013

I hope this website helps make your wish come true.

Lesley Braren CT, United States | Feb 14, 2013

7.5x5.9 in ©2013 by Rob DeBartolo
©2013 Rob DeBartolo
Treescape - Painting, 7.5x5.9 in ©2013 by Rob DeBartolo -

Best of College of Lay Analysis ( angl-fr) Regards. Frans Tassigny

kheopsy Arlon, Belgium | Apr 7, 2013

18x15 in ©2013 by Rob DeBartolo
©2013 Rob DeBartolo
Poppy 2 - Painting, 18x15 in ©2013 by Rob DeBartolo -


DANIELA PAUN Italy | Mar 26, 2013

46x34 in ©2013 by Rob DeBartolo
©2013 Rob DeBartolo
Blue Delphinium - Painting, 46x34 in ©2013 by Rob DeBartolo -


Salzitsa Milanova Altea, Spain | Feb 20, 2013