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Landscape artist


I'm Richard  Post 51 years old from the Netherlands, born in IJmuiden live in Dordrecht.

I'm autodidact and I started to make sketches when I was 4 years old, I did this until my 13 years of age.

Then the sketching make place to make muziek, I played in different bands.

In 2017 I decide to pick up my sketching, but after a while I started painting. First I learn wet on wet technic.After 6 months I want to paint with more details

so follow a online class from Michael James Smit in England, after one class I began to make my own paintings from pictures I found on the internet make my own, ore people send me pictures.

I paint realistic/ fotorealistic and the result of that one class is my painting "ganzeneiland" was nominated for painting of the year in 2018 in the Netherlands.

I really like to paint the beauty of nature.

From 26 of april until 22 may I was invited for a exhibition by Marziart international galerie in Hamburg Germany.

And now I have a personal inviation for the Annual Dutch Art Fair in oktober 2019 in the World Fassion Centre in Amstardam


Michael James Smit

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Certification 2019 : €1,800.00 ($1,991.16)
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Richard Post

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Solo Expositions

2020 24 April - 20 May Marziart Internationaal Gallerie Hamburg, Germany

2019 Marziaart international galerie Hamburg, Germany

Collective Expositions

2020 10,11 and 12 October Annual Dutch Art Fair at the World Fassion Centre Amsterdam, Netherlands

2019 Annual Dutch Art Fair Amsterdam,11,12 en 13 oktober World fassion Centre, Netherlands