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Richard Dodds

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Digital Arts, Photography 24 Followers Member since 2005
San Francisco, United States
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Flower Power 6 artworks

These pieces are created from scratch using digital instruments, with no photos or objects used. All are printed with archival and ink, and are available sized to collectors' needs.

Shapes 6 artworks

Digitally created shapes and forms that manage to please my eye. All printed with archival ink on archival paper.

Scapes 7 artworks

These are some of my imaginings of cityscapes and landscapes.

Imaginary Worlds 13 artworks

Around the World 11 artworks

Scenes from many places, many lands, many people.

Retropolis 7 artworks

I have a fascination with images, icons, advertisements, merchandise and other bits of history from the '40s, '50s, and '60s -- and I like to mix them up into imaginary worlds.

San Francisco 15 artworks