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bibliography: I sought to create and carry out personal works lasting of many years. Autodidact, I assimilated during times, different technical from painting (oil, acrylic resin, watercolour, Indian ink) During this research in 1987, I discovered an ignored style, perhaps new, inspired of the automatic writing and I decided to develop of it a technique, a great adventure, which I called: “Renardtisme” (a name had well to be given him) This technique consists, using knives and of spatulas, to stretch, model and mix the oil-base paint on the fabric in order to obtain an effect of relief. Volumes appear where painting is less on the support. Cocktail of several techniques (watercolour, oil by pasting, mislead the eye), compromised between painting and sculpture. The result surprises the eye and sharpens the curiosity of the public. On many exposures, creations on line in front of the public, with a work (“street of Arts” in Nancy in 2001, “Art in the street” with Luxeuil-The-Baths 2001 (price of the public at the time of this demonstration), Tendance furnishs with Neufchâteau 2002, Foire of Epinal 2002, international fair of Mulhouse 2002, etc ......... ; Fantastic' art 2007 in Gérardmer. Most of my works is accompanied by a text or a poem carried out by my wife: Sylvie Fox Hyphen between written expression and painting. Exposures contest of painting and rewards: -1987 selected star of painting in Nancy, Selected: “sax” oils knife flat - Biennial of the general advisers of Lorraine: -1988 in Metz: “the bridge” first fabric in the Renardtisme style -1990 in Epinal: “Lorraine Fleur sight by an insect” -1992 in Lunéville: “The thistle” -2002 in Bar-le-Duc: “Suffering” - Encouragement with the living room of the Lorraine Railwaymen in 1995 in Metz: “fear” - Price of the town of Metz (honorary) to the Academy of Arch Antoine Doudoux - Price of the public with Luxeuil- The-Baths in 2001 (Art in the street) 240 exhibitors - Bastien-Lepage Price in 2002 - Price for the whole of my works with Damvillers 2002 - second Price contemporary art at the Great Price of the Châtel-saint-Germain 2003 Clamping plate More than 200 regional exposures (international living room of Nancy in 1990, Artists Lorraine 2003,2004,2006, living room of Lunéville 2004,2006 ......) to quote only some of them Personal exposures: - arts centre Ipoustéguy (Doulcon) 2003,2004 - gallery Diastole Systole (Verdun) with the assistance of the D.R.A.C 2004 tourist bureau Neufchateau 2006 (my 20 years of painting) Guest of honor: living room of New-Houses, living room of Nicolas Saint of port 2004,2005, living room of Bridge-with Monsoon 2004, ect… Order illustration of a book for child: Black and White transcontinental album enter the Meuse (France) and Niger (Africa) edition of the Tree upright October 2003 - member of the association of the Lorraine artists Few exposures 1990 to 1998 for family reasons (father with the hearth) implying temporal and material scanty means, therefore of wea...