Ran Webber

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Buffalo, New York, United States

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UploalalI Belgium | Apr 6, 2013

I am very impressed with you and your art. I teach with the TWIST program in Lockport NY. I would love a tour of your works. Please contact me at 716 9093312 Thank you, Leona Cox

Sissy Cox United States | Mar 19, 2011

THE SKYWAY GREEN PROJECT:Hey; It's something we should have had all along!The beauty and comfort of nature is a free gift! Why not enjoy it!?

Susan Jagow United States | Nov 28, 2010

Amazingly creative and outstanding concepts!

Susan Jagow United States | Nov 28, 2010

Just stopping by...

Holly United States | Mar 28, 2009

I like very mush of your work

Graça Leão Portugal | Oct 5, 2005

24x30 in ©2009 by Ran Webber
©2009 Ran Webber
M. Jackson's Yacht - Painting, 24x30 in ©2009 by Ran Webber - painting, casein on paper

i like much your work, you have a very beautiful gallery, congratulations Ran.

jean-luc bénac France | Jul 12, 2014

11.8x9.5 in ©2009 by Ran Webber
©2009 Ran Webber
The Queen's Ashtray - Painting, 11.8x9.5 in ©2009 by Ran Webber -

Do you still have this item available for sale as i am highly interested in it and do you accept paypal or direct bank transfer as a mode of payment and also if pick up is acceptable

Audrey Delaware, United States | Jun 13, 2013