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My art is not realistic, it is my personal vision of reality

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My name is Rama Zleta am an artisr and interior desiner graduated from Damascus Unvirsty in 2019 , major in interior design.I was one of the firs of my class for 3 years.I am Studying a master's degree in interior design at Damascus University.I feel free and happy when i draw painting and this is my inspiration. I hope peopole can tutch the same whe they see my art's.I was born in Damascus (the capital of Syria), I grew up in an ancient heritage environment that took many inspirations from the old city. I was influenced by the Syrian situation and resorted to art in an attempt to spread hope and peace in the souls of people.I worked with children for 3 years, drawing on walls whith children to spread love and hope among children. We adorned together the walls of their schools. I had a great time, a unique experience and inner peace, which is the true message of art.


2020-2022 MA in Interior Architecture Damascus, Syria
2015-2019 College of Fine Arts Damascus, Syria
Rama Zleta

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