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About the Gallery

Considering our proximity to a few artists, we wanted to engage with them in order to help make their work better "exist".
Thus, establish that it is accessible and shared by the greatest number.
We have noted with certain exasperation that the dogmas, patterns and habits of the "art world", that of ordinary galleries, of some institutions, involve the observation of a very poor functioning of which artists are the first victims.
Having become unfit, the system has lapsed; there are still values ​​that freeze up!
We have conceived that a number of paradigms can or must be called into question ...

EXPOSITION - 10 photographies Eric Chauvet - Bord de Mer.
EXPOSITION - 12 Sculptures de Hélène Yousse - Terres

On ARTALISTIC, discover and buy! artalistic(point)com
All our Original Works are presented on ARTALISTIC!
With Cynthia Soddu, founder of ARTALISTIC
Artalistic wishes to bring together the different actors of the Art Market in order to create a real community around the same passion: ART. We attach importance to the educational content of worksheets, categories, blog and newsletter, in order to make your visit an enriching experience

Opening Hours

7/7 - 24/24

Call for entries (Artists)

The gallery accepts applications from artists.

Conditions for Artists's applications:
Some photographs of your work, A simple text for presenting your work You contact, an email address ... We speaking, french, spanish, espagnol...

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