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Peyrelevade is a Provençal, expressionist painter and contemporary. It uses oil, pastel, ink, charcoal. In his oils on Marseille, the Mediterranean, Provence, the East, the ground (landscapes or portraits) has no importance, is support for colour and light music. The knife is the technical means to allow the place to the coloured ranges.
Born in Marseille, from father of a family of farmers in Corrèze and Dordogne, at the age of ten he is one of the last visitors to the prehistoric cave of Lascaux; He had his first artistic emotion that led him to painting.
In high school, with complementary courses he learned drawing and painting databases. Adult, he practised medicine for forty years; He continues painting in oil and then learned the technique of pastel that best fits his working time. At this time, he befriended Louis Toncini, provencal painter who provides advice. Finally the retirement allows activity devoted to painting.
There is no artist without the influence of the great masters. Peyrelevade, teenager, is amazed by the light of the room Van Gogh of the Musée d'Orsay; later he is interested in the correspondence of Vincent and Theo and removes a knowledge of color lines. Obviously all the painters are a source of knowledge, he can cite Claude Monet, Nicolas de Staël among the biggest, but considers that he was influenced by the Provençal school where he saw several exhibitions: Monticelli, Jean-Baptiste Olive, Marquet, Camoin, Verdilhan, Seyssaud, Ambrogiani, Toncini...

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