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About the Gallery

Galerie Hüther was founded in November 2002 in Otterberg in the Palatinate in Germany. Here the gallery owner presented works by Petra Hüther, Isolde Hesse, U. Kissinger, Ilka Mörsdorf, Weygand, and Kurkowski, Susanne Uhlmann, D. Rheinheimer.
Some of her pupils' works could be seen in the exhibition space. Here are, for example, Thomas Rose, Ostermann F, Burckhardt S., Schüler E., Elflein.
The gallery organized vernissages and trade fair participations. She organized trainings and exhibitions with readings and musical accompaniment for her artists. Catalogs were printed and the artists represented at events.
In 2007, the gallery expanded into larger premises in the city center of Kaiserslautern.

In 2018, the gallery began to include more artists at Artmajeur in their program.
In 2019, the gallery will represent 12 artists in the first quarter.
This includes artists from Germany, Greece, Italy, France, Spain and Canada

Artistic line

The gallery mainly represents expressionist works of art.
New are impressionistic works.
The art lover will also find pencil drawings of ornamentation, such as graphic ink drawings, sculptures of soapstone and silk paintings.
Mainly the gallery focuses on haptic recordable works.
New are now the digital works and color photographs of cityscapes and situation pictures.
The new art "Fingeroverfly" was developed by Petra Hüther.

Opening Hours

Mo: 9:00 bis 12 Uhr
Mit 9:00 bis 17:00 Uhr

The gallery does not accept artists's applications.

Manager(s) : HP
Assistant(s) : Schöneberger Jennifer