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Penny believes her creative side developed in her early years. Born in Trinidad and Tobago, in the West
Indies to a family involved in aviation, Penny had every opportunity to discover many parts of the world.
She took her first step unassisted, at the age of 5 years old, due to several medical problems with her
legs. Her Mother made sure that the inability, to walk, did not hinder her from advancing and thanks to
her parents, her creativity developed from an early age leading her to win art competitions, at school from
the early age of seven.
Once Penny learnt to walk there was no turning back. In her quiet way, she was dynamic, adventurous and
open to challenges. Penny advanced with an open vision on life, always focusing on her next challenge
on a regular basis. A big move to the UK, in the early 80’s opened many challenges culturally and with her education. At school
she excelled in art, taking an important role behind scenes for the end of year school play. This led to her working towards theatre
studies and becoming a make up artist. This was short lived.
In 1990 She was advised to do an asthetician course, to understand the skin before starting the make up artist course. In 1991 she
found her passion and wanted to understand the body in further depth and help others.This lead her to become an aromatherapist
and massage therapist for lead companise and spas, in the Uk and the West Indies.
Penny has three children and she knew once they were older she would return to her art. Drawing on a regular basis her creativity
was still part of her life which she shared and still shares with her children. With her family she moved to The Provence, where in
2012 a ‘life wave’ changed Penny’s direction again. This was another turning point in her life. She sought her paintbrushes, an art
therapist, to help her find her path. Her therapist helped her devlop her own style. Penny has worked since 2012 trying to find her
style. In 2016 her therapist realised that as her profession was massage, painitng with both hands, was the answer. Painting with
both hands brings her a complete ‘touch’ to expressing on each canvas. She paints from inspiration, usually never knows what will
be the finished product. Penny’s focus is on trees being ‘ a nature woman’ and a forest nearly always appears , with many paths
usually leading to light.
She knows that each canvas is another step to learning and discovering more ‘paths’. She was told when she got her first massage
diploma from her CIDESCO examiner.....’this is only the beginning Penny, you will learn something new each step you take. This
Penny does with her art, as she takes one day at a time, watching this adventure now grow.