Paul Arenas

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Cebu City, Philippines

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J'aime beaucoup vos peintures très colorées et avec un style particulier, excellente continuation!

Grégoire Koboyan (Cricorps) France | Dec 13, 2017

Tweedledee, still a fan of your art...ill do some blog advertising for you for free!!!

Chai Philippines | Feb 13, 2009

love your work part! mura man ug picasso...a far cry from your sketches and drawings back in high school...nindut jud bai!

Avito Cahig Philippines | Jan 3, 2009

hey!neat website!your work's awesome man!as always..ill show my hubby your fine work and we'll give you a shout if we agree on anything..tee hee

Shane Sison Canada | Dec 7, 2008

Impressive art. I want some of your stuff. We'll talk.

En-En G Philippines | Nov 1, 2008

Chanced upon your website. Great stuff!!!

Evelette Gaona Philippines | Oct 25, 2008

payter.. hope to see more of your works.

Ivan Australia | Jul 5, 2007

excellent paul! suya ko and don't stop for the sake of both of us...hihi

Cherry Portz Philippines | May 15, 2007

wayuk oyaak!

Wurmi Philippines | Jan 29, 2007

kina! kuyawan..!!!!!

Dolly Lanzaderas Philippines | Jan 26, 2007

dude!!!! your the man...

Prudence Rojas Philippines | Jan 26, 2007

You're a great artist Bai!

Barney Borja | Jan 16, 2007

c0ngratuLati0ns on your weBsite and on y0ur works!! Luv it! keep it up!!!

Marietta Reyes Philippines | Dec 25, 2006


Joem Somoza Philippines | Dec 20, 2006


Robespierre Paderanga Philippines | Dec 15, 2006

hey poly i was here... love your works.. and love u too.. bespren pol. keep it up... AnaL

Sigwada Knicolai Mendoza Commonwealth Avenue, Philippines | Dec 13, 2006

It was a very pleasant surprise. Quite frankly, I was expecting more of a run of the mill type of artworks. Very impressed indeed.

John Tan Philippines | Dec 12, 2006

Kumusta na bai? I hope you have recovered your health after what happened to you. Your works are really great...I hope I could be rich enough to afford them when you're already famous....or dead(joke)hehe. I hope you the best my friend. God bless.

Avito Cahig Philippines | Dec 12, 2006

cool site babes...your #1 fan

Donna Castro United States | Dec 11, 2006

Painting, artwork by Paul Arenas
©2012 Paul Arenas
"Face the Music 1" - Painting, 48x48 in ©2012 by Paul Arenas -

J'aime beaucoup aussi celui là, bravo, vous avez du talent!

Grégoire Koboyan (Cricorps) France | Aug 31, 2017

Painting, artwork by Paul Arenas
©2012 Paul Arenas
"Mother & Child" - Painting, 32x32 in ©2012 by Paul Arenas -

I like it !

Grégoire Koboyan (Cricorps) France | Aug 31, 2017

Painting, artwork by Paul Arenas
© Paul Arenas
"Face the Music #3" - Painting, 48x48 in ©2013 by Paul Arenas -

Superbe, j'aime beaucoup!

Grégoire Koboyan (Cricorps) France | Aug 31, 2017