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Une photographie c'est un bref déclic qui passe de l'oeil au déclencheur.


I am a self-taught photographer since 1981.

Even if I'm a professional photographer, I like to define myself as an AMATEUR photographer in the noble sense of "who loves to".

I like to walk the streets or paths, here in pursuit of a silhouette interview or a scene at the corner of two alleys, there to capture a rural panorama illuminated with exceptional light, elsewhere to contort me in front of an improbable object to capture a detail that has struck my eye.

In my opinion, a photograph is a window open to the world for a fraction of a second. It is the result of a vision. It's a snapshot: it's never reflective, never calculated. I SEE, simply. I could even say that I think with my eyes.

My photographs come from an order of my mind on my finger that triggers, a kind of synergy between a vision and a physical gesture, that of triggering. The click happens first in my head, I see the final image, I feel it as a whole, such that it can be framed.

All topics, all themes are for me of interest.I have only one restriction, that my eyes obey my instinct, I must "feel" the image.


1981-2024 AUTODIDACTE : j'apprends tous les jours, en travaillant et en travaillant... Orléans, France
Patrice CORBIN

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