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"l'artiste écoute la voix du maître qui guide sa main...."

Presentation & Biography

Born in Normandy I spent my early childhood in Bourges and live for some years in the south.
Very early on, I was attracted to drawing, this passion was realized during the year 1994 by passing by Giverny in the footsteps of my great grandfather maternal gardener of the impressionist master Monet.
My real journey began in 1995 with my first exhibition. Since then I have exhibited regularly and my achievements have been rewarded in various departmental, regional and national fairs
Between 2008 and 2017 I was guest of honor at various exhibitions and personal exhibitions were devoted to me, the last of which was held in September 2017
As part of the Circle of Artists Painters and Sculptors of Quebec I was rewarded in Bruges by a first prize Pastel Abstract.
Some articles were devoted to me, in particular in the magazine "Art'issime" and in 2017 in the magazine "Pratique des Arts".
The direct contact with the material opens me another way "the Raku" that I practice at the same time as the pastel


Monet, Zao wou ki, Hans Hartung


2005-2013 Cours "RAKU" Bourges, France

Presented by ARTS EN SCENE 2020

Artist value certified: Dominique Jolivet's works have been evaluated by an independent expert.

Certification 2020: €650.00 ($777.21)
Certification has been established by Jacques-Armand Akoun on May 4, 2020.


Dominique Jolivet

The artist at work

Solo Expositions

2020 Galerie FERLUS Soreze, France

2019 Galerie FERLUS SOREZE 81, France

2019 Terre et Pastels BOISSEZON 81, France

2017 Exposition A.D.A.G.E Labruguière 81, France

2016 Terre et Pastels BOISSEZON 81, France

2015 OT Vierzon Vierzon 18, France

2013 Terre et Toiles St Doulchard 18, France

2012 Le grenier de Brinay BRINAY 18, France

2012 Pastel Passion St Georges sur Moulon 18, France

2011 Convergences St Doulchard 18, France

2011 Reuilly OT Reuilly 18, France

2011 Les peintres Chappelois La Chapelle St Ursin 18, France

2011 Phideas Café Artistique St Doulchard 18, France

2010 Office Tourisme Nançay 18, France

2009 Rencontre Artistique Lunery Lunery 18, France

2008 Couleurs Pastel Fussy 18, France

Collective Expositions

2020 Participation à la Biennale d'Art Contemporain SERVIAN, France

2020 20 ème Salon des Arts Soual, France

2020 Salon artistes Occitanie DOURGNES, France

2019 Biennale de sculpture BOISSEZON 81, France

2018 Festival du Pastel et Dessin des Bastides St Agne 24, France

2017 Rencontre Artistique Lunery Lunery 18, France

2017 Art en Luberon BONNIEUX 84, France

2016 Salon Realmont 2016 Realmont 81, France

2015 Salon International du Pastel de Villepinte Villepinte 11, France

2015 Salon des Arts Soual 81, France

2015 Salon Automne Castelsarrasin Castelsarrasin 82, France

2014 SSalon International du Pastel Villepinte Villepinte 11, France

2013 Pastel Passion Lunery 18, France

2013 Salon du Pastel en Bretagne Fougères 35, France

2012 2ème Salon du pastel des Monts du Lyonnais 2012 St Laurent d'Agny, France

2011 Salon du Pastel en Bretagne Fougères 35, France

2009 Salon du Brin D'Or Charenton sur Cher 18, France

2007 Rencontre Artistique Marmagne en Fete Marmagne 18, France

2002 Salon Peinture Charost Charost 18, France

Publications & Press