A TV series of 10 episodes about how to buy art online

In partnership with tv channel MUSEUM TV, Artmajeur offers 10 playful and smart episodes to help you buy art on the internet.

The series aims to address the main questions asked by art lovers and collectors today: How to choose a site to buy art on the internet? What are the tips for starting your collection? How to find works that you like? How to find artists near you? How to buy art safely on the internet? So many questions that are addressed in this mini series, which is the fruit of the collaboration between the television channel MUSEUMTV and the online gallery Artmajeur.

Broadcast exclusively on the thematic television channel MUSEUM TV, the episodes can also be seen and re-seen on our Youtube channel!
Episode 1/10: Why buy art online?
Episode 2/10: How to select a website to buy art online?
Episode 3/10: How to find artworks you like?
Episode 4/10: How is the price of an artwork estimated?
Episode 5/10: How to securely buy art online?
Episode 6/10: Is an original artwork always a unique artwork?
Episode 7/10: How to discover artists near you?


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