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"Those live, who do not live for themselves, who live the life for others" - the slogan of OL’SVOL’D

Presentation & Biography

The Creator of Tsvetnosties (pictures) -OL'SVOL'D.

He writes his works in a state of meditation and from early childhood he got the path to

opportunities of The Creator.

At the age of 13, in mountains, OL'SVOL'D got hit by lightning.

At the age of 26 at the apparition of the Virgin, on the day of the Virgin Mary Assumption, the apostles were appeared to OL'SVOL'D (quite visibly: in full growth, in robes, with clearly manifested facial features).

At 32, OL'SVOL'D revealed for himself the secret histories of Christianity through his relative (Spiritual Father of the Vatican).

At the age of 33 he celebrated his Birthday in Jokarty, Delhi, Dubai and Kiev at the same time, obviously not by accident.In 2009 he chose a spiritual guide - the Master of

Heavenly Fire and began to create the Tsvetnosties together with his Teacher.

 The goal and meaning of his life is saving humanity through the construction of galleries all over the world and placing an energy-vibrational pictures there. For this sake he refuses presidential ambitions, a million dollar fortune and epaulettes. Subsequently, he

reveals to the world his personal Tsvetnosties and two philosophical treatise as well: "The

Penultimate Prophet" and "The Revelation of the Lord".

Only in 2019-2020 alone the Tsvetnosties were presented at more than 60 large-scale world events. Among them were incredible exhibitions and demonstrations in

Paris, Milan, Tbilisi, Prague, Florence, Miami, Basel, Zurich, London, Everett ( USA ) ...

On 22 December 2019 OL'SVOL'D was marked as "Sensation of the Year" on Ukrainian Fashion Awards (Kiev).

On 19 January 2020 at the international competition "WORLD RISING STARS AWARDS",

which took place in Tbilisi (Georgia), OL'SVOL'D received worldwide recognition as well: the award "BEST ARTIST OF THE YEAR 2020",

 Tsvetnosties are an integral part of the mega-project "OL'SVOL'D TSVETNOSTI", which goal is placing the Tsvetnosties in galleries all over the world, so that through the purification and transformation of each individual person who will interact with them, changing and transformation of humanity will happen.

 Interaction with the Tsvetnosties consists in contemplation and being in their energy field. After that a person's thinking, actions, and, as a consequence, the quality of life are changed (business is being established, relations are being restored, financial flows are improving, hidden talents are revealed etc.)Each Tsvetnosti is unique, one of its kind and

has its own specific purpose and powerful influence on people who interacted with them.


Leonardo da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, Mark Rothko


1999-2004 Financial consulting Budapest, Hungary
1999-2004 Financial consulting Washington, D.C., United States
2000-2001 Vedic University Vlodrop, Netherlands
1998-1999 Financial consulting Vienna, Austria
1997-1998 Financial consulting Zug, Switzerland
1985-1989 Ternopil Financial and Economic Institute Ternopil, Ukraine
1980-1982 Lviv National University named after Ivan Franko Lviv, Ukraine

Presented by 8 Art Galleries

Artist value certified: Ol'Svol'D's works have been evaluated by an independent expert.

Certification Painting 2020: €20,000.00 ($23,922.00)
Certification has been established by Jacques-Armand Akoun on Nov 16, 2020.



The artist at work

Solo Expositions

2020 https://draint.art/dashboard/gallery online gallery Vallendar, Germany

2020 https://www.saatchiart.com/about, online gallery United States

2020 Exhibition hotel "Swiss" Lviv, Ukraine

2020 Permanent exhibition at the "Grand Hotel" Lviv, Ukraine

2020 "God won't ask" Kyiv, Ukraine

2019 "Total shock" hotel "Rius" Lviv, Ukraine

2019 Permanent exposition, health resort "KARPATY" Truskavets, Ukraine

2019 Permanent exhibition at the hotel "Mirotel Resort & SPA" Truskavets, Ukraine

Collective Expositions

2021 Colors of Humanity Art Gallery ( online gallery ) Everett, Washington, United States

2021 HelvetArt Gallery ( online ) Zurich, Switzerland

2021 GZ-BASEL virtual exhibition BASEL, Switzerland

2021 EACH Khajuraho, India

2021 Vis Galery Italy

2020 PRISMA ART PRIZE Roma, Italy

2020 ArtValuableGallery Paris, France

2020 Debetum Moskow, Russia


2020 REG'ART Déco LURE, France

2020 Galeria Avila Art Miami, Florida, United States

2020 VDH Fabric VILLARD D'HERY, France

2020 Les 3 Dauphins L'Épine, France

2020 KEBEART Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

2020 https://draint.art/dashboard/gallery online gallery Vallendar, Germany


2020 Opening "Business Woman Club" Kyiv, Ukraine

2020 Charity fair "To make your dream come true...» Lviv, Ukraine


2019 International Economik Forum Lviv, Ukraine

2019 Pre-Christmas fashion evening parties Lviv, Ukraine

2019 "ETNO FASHION SHOU", MALEVICH CLUB, charity event Lviv, Ukraine

2019 Yoga - marathon CYF Lviv, Ukraine

2019 Festival of family values ​​"The art of living happily" Lviv, Ukraine

2019 "SUPERWOMENLVIV" Lviv, Ukraine


2019 "Anima fest lviv" Lviv, Ukraine

2019 Forum for women "Love is LOVE" Lviv, Ukraine

2019 "VOGUE MODEL FASHION Week in Paris" Paris, France

2019 International competition "Top Teen & Child Model of the Planet" Batumi, Georgia

2019 "Pinzel. UKRAINIAN LIVE in Godovice" Godovitsa ( Lviv ), Ukraine

2019 Opera House, "Inspired by Pinzel" Lviv, Ukraine

2019 BOOM AWARDS 2019, charity auction Lviv, Ukraine

2019 All-Ukrainian beauty and style contest "Mini Miss and Mini Mister Galicia 2019" Lviv, Ukraine

2019 International scientific and practical conference "Effective technologies and structures in construction and architecture of the village. Development of innovative models of ecovillages in Carpathian mountains and adjacent territories" Dublyany (Lviv),, Ukraine

2019 Organ Hall "Inspired by Pinzel" Lviv, Ukraine

2019 Master class by Masha Yefrosinina "Success in mistakes" Lviv, Ukraine

2019 Festival "Anima" Lviv, Ukraine

2019 UBM (Ukrainian business marathon) Lviv, Ukraine

2018 Festival "Anima" Lviv, Ukraine