Nikolay Biryukov

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Moscow, Russia

Monte-Carlo (2018)
Photography (Several sizes available)

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Artwork Type
Open Edition
Digital Photography
Support or surface
Several supports available (Fine art paper, Metal Print, Canvas Print)
Framing available (Floating Frame + Under Glass, Frame + Under Acrylic Glass)

Photo Nikolay Biryukov
Monte-Carlo, 2018
Black and white version
Monte-Carlo, Monaco, 2018
Available size for printing 2 544 px x 3 816 px

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Other art by Nikolay Biryukov

8.9x13.7 in ©1992 by Nikolay Biryukov
Abstraction - Drawing, 8.9x13.7 in ©1992 by Nikolay Biryukov - Abstract, abstract-570, Abstract Art, Time, Geometric, abstraction, USSR, Leningrad, Nikolay Biryukov, николай бирюков, бирюков николай, тушь, абстракция
©2019 by Nikolay Biryukov
Glance - Photography ©2019 by Nikolay Biryukov - Women, Health & Beauty, People, Fashion, Portraits, Nikolay Biryukov, Biryukov Nikolay, Milano Fashion Week, Milan, Николай Бирюков, Бирюков Николай, Милан, Мода, KGB, KolyaGalyaBiryukovy, Galina Biryukova, Галина Бирюкова, Models Runway Italy, Hats, Шляпа, Дамская шляпа, Look
©2016 by Nikolay Biryukov
Lamp - Photography ©2016 by Nikolay Biryukov - Nikolay Biryukov, Biryukov Nikolay
7.5x10.8 in ©1989 by Nikolay Biryukov
Midday - Painting, 7.5x10.8 in ©1989 by Nikolay Biryukov - Figurative, figurative-594, Places, Landscape, Nature, Rural life, russia, etude, midday, watercolour, aquarelle, nikolaybiryukov, nikolay biryukov, biryukov, николай бирюков, бирюков николай, акварель, живопись, художник бирюков, USSR, СССР, этюд, пленэр, 1989, новгородская область, полдень
©2018 by Nikolay Biryukov
Jean Cocteau - Photography ©2018 by Nikolay Biryukov - Architecture, Nikolay Biryukov, Biryukov Nikolay, Biryukovgallery, Biryukov, Menton, France, Jean Cocteau, Николай Бирюков, Бирюков Николай
©2014 by Nikolay Biryukov
LIGHT - Photography ©2014 by Nikolay Biryukov - Abstract, abstract-570, Light, Abstract Art, Dark-Fantasy, nikolay biryukov, николай бирюков, бирюков николай, biryukovgallery

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