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Nikolai Taidakov


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55.1x47.2 in
Support or surface
vision, abstrakt, expressive, expressionism,. impressionism, About this artwork: Classification, Techniques & Styles Oil Paint consisting of pigments bound with linseed oil or...
vision, abstrakt, expressive, expressionism,. impressionism,

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Vision. AbstraktExpressiveImpressionismExpressionism

Nikolai Taidakov
Education:                                                        ...


Nikolai Taidakov, born 1954 in Novosibirsk / Russia, studied there at the Academy of Architecture Graduation Diploma 1977. In 1977-82 he worked as a lecturer at this academy. 1983-85 full-time postgraduate studies. Moscow In 1985 Taidakov founded his own company in Moscow Museum construction, interior design and design and led her until 1991. The artist lives and works since 1992 in Munich. 1993 Member of the BBK and member of the International Fine Arts Society (IGBK). 2004 Foundation and chair of the Society of Artist «EuroKunstWerkstatt e.V.». 2006 Foundation of ART Galerie N.Taidakov & S.Volkov

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