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Presentation & Biography

Patryk Nieczarowski, also known as Nieczar (born in 1979). He graduated in 2003 from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław with a degree in sculpture.
During the studies he practised the use of classic techniques of stone sculpture in a workshop at the City Museum of Wrocław. He also co-operated with the Archaeological Museum of Wrocław, teaching the children and youth in the field of living archaeology.
Following graduation, he started to work as an armourer, creating the historical replicas of armour elements (mainly helmets), for both individual and wider collector groups.
In 2011, he commenced realising his personal sculpture projects with the use of historical metalwork techniques.
He has presented his works during presentations and exhibitions in Poland,Germany,France,Sweden and Netherlands.
Sculptor and armourer, he is a specialist in the field of metal sheet forming, particularly in the ancient technique of „raising”. Raising is the shaping of a flat single metal sheet into a hollow, 3D forms by using various hammers and stakes without any cuts or connections.

Presentations of the living history:

Archaologisches Zentrum Hitzacker, Hitzacker, Germany 2005
"Słowiański Dolny Śląsk" Galeria Dominikańska, Wrocław, Poland 2005
Wooden Stronghold of Partynice, Wrocław, Poland 2005 - 2009
Kap Arkona, Rügen, Germany 2006
"Les Marches De L Historie" Pontoise ,France 2007, 2008
Museum of Foteviken, Hollviken, Sweden 2007, 2009
Trelleborgen (Treleborgs Museum), Trelleborg, Sweden 2007
Archeon Museum, Alphen aan den Rijn, Netherlands 2007
Bloso , Belgium 2007

Individual exhibitions:

"Zbroja", The Museum of Medallic Art, Wrocław, Poland 2003
"Makabrazki", Gallery „Bolko”, Świdnica, Poland 2011
„Wystawa autorska”, malarstwo, The City Museum of Wrocław, Poland 2012
„Miedź jest kobietą”, Gallery „Niello”, Legnica, Poland 2012
„Bestie”, Gallery SCK, Strzegom, Poland 2012
„Autorska wystawa prac”, Gallery MOK, Głogów, Poland 2013
„Hełmy i Bestie”, Książ Castle, Wałbrzych, Poland 2013
„1996-2013”, Town Hall Tower , Świdnica, Poland 2013
„Galeatorium”, The Archaeological Museum of Krakow, Kraków, Poland 2013 - 2014