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I Can Hear Wedding Bells

Seasonal greetings and a Happy New Year to all!

2018 has begun with a flurry of snow and activity - I have already had several enquiries about attending weddings - both at freinds celebrations and also as a caricaturist to provide entertainment and interact with the guests.

To get more work at weddings I have joined an online entertainment booking website that not only lists new job opportunities but also allows visitors to browse and contact acts directly to make bookings - I am getting quite a few views and clicks through to my website so hopefully they will convert in to enquiries.

I have attended many weddings and other events where the inclusion of interesting entertainment (such as me of course) has helped break the ice and provided a talking point throughout the event.

Looking ahead to the trends of 2018 I have heard tell that more and more wedding invites will not include a "plus one" in order to keep costs down....but those savings will be able to go towards better, more imaginative wedding entertainment - be that live music for the ceremony - my particular faves are harpists and quartets who simply add a very special atmosphere to the proceedings.

But it is the after party, or as you may say Reception, where the possibilities of wowing and entertaining guests is possible.

Typically the music provided for a wedding reception has been by a DJ but with extra funds available couples can now look at hiring a live band to play the styles and types of music they and their guests will appreciate and hopefully dance to.

Another great way to entertain the guests is to have a skilled magician walk about the venue - pulling tricks and amazing guests in front of their very eyes.  I don't understand why more events don't book a magician - as a single performer they are really affordable so very good value for money. Take a look at some of these close-up magicians who are available to book near you.

Myself, well I like to think that my light-hearted approach to sketching people has a certain magic and is fully appreciated both by those making the decision to book a caricaturist and of course their guests.



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