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One is not who one thinks or shows one is.

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Might be called an Outsider artist due to the lack of academic qualification in the Metier, as well as lack of the conditioning by art world trends. 

Originating  in what used to be Socialist Yugoslavia, nowadays Serbia. Studied Music and Political Sciences, have been working as a translator/interpreter, secretary, cook, and a bureaucrat.  Have been living in Italy and England for a while, presently living in Germany and working in the field diametrically opposed to art. A hindrance that turned out to be a treasure trove of inspiration, as it had provided for the opportunity to get deeper insight into the current societal state of mind: of intolerance,  decadence, insolence, ignorance, cruelty, greed, envy, stupidity, corruption ...

In the beginning, I was occupied by creating "Frames for the Ego", thus expressing  the critique of the identification of the Self with the Ego; mocking the search of fulfilment outside oneself. One is not who one thinks or shows one is.

Initially, the mirror was used for the central part of each frame. This was abandoned, due to observer's misunderstanding of the concept. Also, photographing the pieces turned out to be very difficult. Now, the viewer can, after recognizing oneself, frame ones photo in it.
Since junk of all sorts enjoys my highest regard, and there's been a constant flood of interesting items, as well as of cardboard packaging, I took distance from my "Framework" and started painting on it.

Why "White and Black" digression? We seem to be facing the peak of the disease of inversion of everything: ethics and aesthetics turned on head, attack on sound sense and everything worth living for. Hypocrite instead of Hippocrates. As I understand it, at present, there is nothing in between to be seen; either White or Black.

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