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I consider my true nature, I remember myself, I fuel the fire I have inside, I smile just like my heart.

Presentation & Biography

Cristina Gualmini was born in Bologna (Italy). She started studying photography in 1990 thanks to her great passion for visual art. She attended many specialization courses (portrait, fashion, nude, wedding, development and printing in black and white) in Bologna, Milan and Brescia, Between 1993 and 1995 she gained professional experiences working as an assistant. Afterwards, she managed the photography studio and photo gallery 'Mascarella' in Bologna. 

Between 1994 and 2020 she held many solo exhibitions and group exhibitions in Italy and online

Nature is the main theme of her photos.

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Cristina Gualmini

The artist at work

Solo Expositions

2010 'NATURA: RICORDI E SOGNI' (nature: memories and dreams) @ Estravagario, Bologna Italy

2009 'SPIRIT' @ Mutenye Bologna, Italy

2008 'DO NOT CROSS THE RAILWAY LINES' @Estravagario Bologna, Italy

2007 'DO NOT CROSS THE RAILWAY LINES' @ Galleria 43 Lanterna Magica Palermo, Italy

2002 'MY SPIRIT COMES FROM AFAR' @ Online Gallery Gente di Fotografia Magazine ( Italy

2002 'METRONIRICA' @ bookstore 'Dante' curated by Gente di Fotografia Magazine, Palermo, Italy

2002 'METRONIRICA' @ Ryokan, Bologna, Italy

2001 'IMPRESSIONS' @ Relax, Quarto Inferiore, Italy

2001 'PROSPECTIVES IN BLACK & WHITE' @ Quintex Budrio, Italy

1997 'NIGHT TIME RAILS' @ Café’ Follies as a part of the photographic manifestation, “Mayday-Maynight” organised by the Municipality Bologna, Italy

1994 'NUDE AL FEMMINILE' @ “Il Rovescio” cultural centre Bologna, Italy

1994 'MARITTIMA' @ civic centre of the Savena district Bologna, Italy

Collective Expositions

2021 'Le ARTEfici del Mondo' curated by Marinella Galletti @ centro culturale Mercato - Argenta FE, Italy

2020 'Le ARTEfici del Mondo' curated by Marinella Galletti and Cinzia Garbellini @ Palazzo Sacrati Crema - Ferrara, Italy

2020 'CREATED IN ISOLATION' competition and art exhibition @ LIGHT SPACE & TIME Online Art Gallery, United States

2020 'BOTANICALS' competition and art exhibition @ LIGHT SPACE & TIME Online Art Gallery, United States

2020 "Fonte d'ispirazione" @ Dictinne Bobok Gallery Palermo, Italy

2019 "L'espressione della Natività" @ Auditorium Padre Angelo Cantons, Palermo, Italy

2019 "ARTBOX.TALENT tender Show it!" @ ARTBOX.GALLERY Zürich, Switzerland

2019 "Contemporary smARTbox" @ World Basement Gallery Milan, Italy

2019 'OPEN' 9th annual competition and art exhibition @ Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery - United States

2019 'HUMANRIGHTS?#CLIMA - Art can save the World' - AIAPI Official Partner UNESCO @ Fondazione Campana dei Caduti Rovereto, Italy

2018 'ALL WOMEN' competition and art exhibition @ Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery, United States

2011 'ANOTHER VIEW vs BLACK&WHITE' @ Spazio San Giorgio Art Gallery Bologna, Italy

2010 Third Arte Indaco group show “ART MATER” Nova Milanese, Italy

2009 “MENO MALE” organized by Telefono Rosa and Bottega Indaco @ Theatre Victoria Turin, Italy

2008 'ARTE INDACO' @ Energea Milan, Italy

2000 “OUR HEART IS A PRECIOUS AND FRAGRANT JEWEL” (colour prints) group travelling exhibition of painting and photography Italy

Publications & Press

2020 Art catalog 'Fonte d'Ispirazione', Dictinne Bobok gallery - Palermo, Italy

2010 Annual Art Report 'Arte Indaco' Italy

2010 Art Catalogue 'Arte Indaco' Italy

2008 Art Catalogue 'Arte Indaco' Italy

1994 Bologna Magazine edited by the local council itself Bologna, Italy