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Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada

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Québec, Canada

Member since Feb 5, 2006
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Pouvoir partager ces moments de création est une joie pure! ...

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Born in Montreal, primary and secondary school in Brussels, Belgium, college and professional schools in Quebec.
Autodidact and with good entrepreneurial skills, Nathalie Morin Rousseau has experimented mixed techniques and used a number of artistic media before concentrating on acrylic.
Initially, Nathalie developed an original technique for painting sceneries on wood for ‘’Studio Pomme et Soleil’’. Her painted furniture, as well as her paintings on canvas, have been exhibited and sold in Canada, Europe and the USA.
After a sabbatical period of artistic research and experimentation, she decided to go back to canvas painting and to create works inspired by her own personal life experiences.

‘’The human soul is my preferred subject of inspiration’’
Inspired by the ability and strength of human beings in the face of changing circumstances of their lives, Nathalie’s works are an abstract and vibrant reflexion on the daily miracles of the human being caught in a dominating universe which he fails to understand.
Here abstraction and a form of surrealism sometimes meet a touch of impressionism. See how the vivid colors of her paintings transmit movement and how the texture itself reveals forms. Nathalie often uses her brush and spatula in a spiral stroke and she always let her heart and instinct move her hand.
Her artistic search touches subjects such as the surpassing of one’s limits, the desire for freedom and the will to express oneself by any mean.
Her community involvement offers children new means of communication to express themselves through the artistic media.


‘’To communicate my passion for abstraction in art, for colors, for life itself and everything that gives it meaning!’’

Groupe Animaction Ville de Verdun, L’école primaire de l’Ile des Sœurs, Pensionnat des Sacrés-Cœurs de St-Bruno.



1998-1999Piggery show de North Hatley
1998Faubourg St-Sauveur
1998Salon de l’Habitation de Montréal
1999New England Home Show de Boston É.U.
1999Les Peintres du Dimanche de St-Lambert
1999Fine Furnishings show R. I. É.U. (jury )
1999Salon Domisme de Drummondville
2000Piggery show de North Hatley


2005Exposition concours de St-Bruno Montarville
200522e Salon d’automne CAPSQ Montréal ( jury)

2006 Exposition RCA@ENART
2006St-Lambert Expo AAPARS
2006Exposition Château Dufresne
2007 Encan annuel Société Alzheimer de l’Estrie
2007Caisse Populaire Île des Sœurs
2007International Flora Vieux Montréal/Vieux Port
2007 L’Absinthe Forum Social Québécois
2007Journées de La Culture Del Canale

2008 Encan AQEPA Musée de la Civilisation Québec
2008 Exposition Del Canale
2008 L’Espace contemporain galerie d’art Québec


2005Galerie virtuelle CAPSQ
2006Galerie virtuelle Arts ...

Nathalie Morin Rousseau

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