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" Nadine Hiver lives in Gardouch ( 31560 ). While following the works of collage of her son at school, she becames aware of the beauty which we could obtain with this technique.
In perfect self-taught, she devoted to collages with stunning results. Her works were, in the starting up, realized for her only pleasure. Enthusiastic friends encouraged her to show them. After some exhibitions, with sales, galleries begin to invite her. Her works are realized on crushes. By going through magazines, she meets images which, suddenly, "speak" to her. She cuts them and these paper objects are patiently going to wait in a box until other images activate the creative moment.
When the spark of the creativity appears, Nadine knows that she has, in her drawers, the complement which is well to perfect the picture which she has just glimpsed in subliminal image. The composition of her picture can then begin. The organization of spaces and the complementarity of colors will then be realized as a poem which would have matured for a long time before being lying on the blank page.
Universes and atmospheres which she recreates exist only in her head. Nadine would have liked living in them. In the meantime, It is a delight for eyes..."